Severely underwhelming loot

I’ve been playing since January 19. My first HOTM was Onatel, and I’ve definitely sunk a considerable amount into this game.

I love the game. Gameplay is great. New tournaments are fun. I’d like to continue to spend money, but

The 4* ascension mat drop rates are abysmal.

And not even just that, but with the new titan parts and even the Mystic Vision, the loot in general has dropped off horridly.

I feel, especially Titan boxes, should have a considerably high 4* drop chance, and war chests should guarantee at least one random.

I used to constantly have a supply of Damascus blades into the 10s and I’m down to 4. And it’s not like I’m dumping everything into heroes.

In any event, I’d like to try to get the community to rally behind increasing drop rates on higher ascension mats, even if it’s a percentage, because I go weeks without a 5* ascension mat (in between quests?) and they just seem to be more elusive as ever/removed from boxes or something.

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