Several times a given heroe



Hi folks,
I’m a newbie and I woild like to get some feedback from more experienced people.
I have some heroes appearing several times in my roster. E.g. I have Carver, Melendor, Prisca and Gormek twice. Is it interrsting to keep the seconf of each or would it be better to use one to feed the other?
Thx in anticipation for uour feedback,


As a newbie, you better keep the 4* heroes. They are needed later, for alliance wars.


Ok. And for Carver, that I didn’t levelvelled at all at the moment?


Hmm not sure about this one. But as a beginner i anyway would keep him, but not level him for the moment. Later, when you have more, you still can feed this one to a green 4*


Thx a lot for this quick answer :wink:


Keep him for events maybe if you need to double or triple stack nature heroes?
Just an idea


As a newbie I would keep them all as you should have space anyways. Carver is a questions mark but the second could be useful. If not you can feed him later.

When leveling only level one of each color at a time and feed them the same color feeders (1 and 2*).

When I started I leveled a bunch at a time and it really stunts growth. For wars you will need a deep roster but that will come with time.


One more advice, if you keep 2 of each colors from 3 stars up to 5 stars, it will help you with events ( reflecting colors). Also if you do War battles, you will need to build 6 teams of 5 heroes each.


I would agree with this. Although there will come a time in your growth in the game where some duplicates are not worth keeping. So it all comes with growth.

Don’t worry about it now.