Several suggestions for improving the wars panel


1 We want a counter for total team attacks (number of attacks remaining to all the team in general or number of all attacks used in general)
2 It is most important that we want to know which heroes are used in the attack (a floating screen that appears when the attack is pressed in the attack log)
3, a request we know is very difficult … We want a live watch of the attack (a limited number of viewers 5 from each team watching the attack directly)
4 An award is added to the prizes in the missions for the number of points gained in the war or the number of victories … or both LOL
no2 plz plz plz I need him badly
Thanks for reading … and excuse me for spelling mistakes I have used Google Translate


I strongly agree about #1. It is tedious to sum all of these tapping across all alliance members, yet it’s a crucial war management stat.

I strongly disagree with #4. War is a team effort, and in a well-managed alliance some players are asked to take on a task like tank-breaking that doesn’t yield many points, and no wins, but opens the door for a clean-up. The only measure of performance I think is sound is number of flags used. I would like to see war loot increased a bit from current levels for those with 6 flags used, and decreased for those who use 1-3. Getting 100% participation is the biggest challenge alliance leadership faces, and having this reward change would help us motivate our alliances.


I agree with @Kerridoc (support 1-3 but not 4). I ask though is 1 that useful? Does it help to know 30 flags haven’t been used if you don’t know where they are?

That said, I always take our score and divide it by hits to get an average points per hit so the stat is useful and would save time. I find it important to report to my alliance points per hit so people realize either (1) if we’re losing we can come back and we just don’t have participation full yet or (2) if we’re winning we could still lose if they suddenly participate so keep the pressure on.

I do not want points per hit displayed though. If others don’t have a war captain who can figure out how to communicate with the team, I don’t want to give then a free tool. :wink:. My strategery.


what exactly does this mean? that you want to see the heros the enemy is using against you?

if it is what you mean, bad idea in my opinion.

i have been in wars or raids against friends, and exchanging vids or info is fun, but could be irritating if you’re forced to share that info with players you dont even know. Sharing info should be voluntary and not mandatory.


He wants to know which of his 30 have been used and which are available. I assume it’s so he can plan his target to face. Not sure if it’s really needed as if you pick an opponent, you can see who your heroes are, then back out and choose your actual target.


anything i say that doesnt speak in favor of the devs and their pocketbook is bein flahges. flagged. SG get to flaggin, you’ll be busy for awhile


I want to know the heroes who were used by the enemy in the attack and how many points this team got by attacking


The number of attacks still left by a player shown in a number next to the hero’s or player name would help a lot.
And I think will not be that hard to implement.

If you could add a counter of attacks used (i.e. 78/130) for both teams that would be awsome.


Well that does not sound reasonable. You don’t get it in raids. It wouldn’t help you strategize, just satisfy a curiosity.