Several attacks

When be developers stopping several attacks in same time?

When pigs fly… this problem is as old as the game itself and will never be adressed, most likely. Think of it as crowd control. This way players who break away from the bulk, without the propper defensive support, are instantly brought back to a nominal cup level.


LoL, climb and fall.
That’s the way it goes.


I don’t see this as an issue. When you logged off the game, or even check on your phone’s other functions, when the game already registers you as offline, your account now belongs to the pool of raid defenses available for attacking by players intending to fill their raid chest or gain more trophy count. That is the time when players will try their mettle and and your defense. If your defense is strong and/or the raider experiences bad boards or made wrong turns, you may fend off some attack, either gaining more cups in the process of defending, or mostly lose several hundred cups. It’s just the nature of the game.

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imagine being attacked by 50 players at the same time and each taking 50 trophies. Isn’t it a problem for developers to ask themselves and solve the problem for once instead of just thinking about profit !?

What does losing trophies do to you other than give you a little less iron in the raid chest? If you think trophies matter you’ll always be annoyed at this game. Long term players welcome people beating them on defense. It gives you the ability to pick and choose who you revenge and it also gives you easier teams to attack with your lower trophies?

If you think this game profits because you lose trophies, I can’t help you.


I don’t think that the company profits if I lose trophies, but I point out the problem that exists and that is if you have 2700 trophies and 50 players attack you at same time and each takes 50 trophies, you only have 200 trophies left and you fall from the diamond arena to the bronze arena

Then you get to enjoy the climb to the top again. Many players do this on purpose.

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But isn’t same. Prizes at diamond and bronze arena is different

It’s not a significant amount for most people to be worried about.


If you’re getting knocked down from diamond to bronze overnight you have to consider whether your defence team needs a bit of tweaking, to be honest.


My team is 4528. Telluria is tenk +19

My team is 4344. Telluria is tank +7. I stay in diamond every night. To be fair, higher teams get more matches so would be knocked down quicker, but once you dip into platinum the matches should start favouring you and it all balances out. So what’s the rest of your team like? (Telluria used to be able to hold it pretty much solo, but those days are gone.)

Flank is mitsuko and kestrel +19, side grimble+18 and raffaele+14

I also do not see what is the problem with possibly being attacked many times for a short time. That means you have gone cup hunting and did well. Now is time to lose those cup naturally.

When you fill chest, you also attack at least 6 players in a short range of minutes. And it is most probably not only you that attack that time. Do you complain when you use 6 flags at once?

This this is not a common thing. You only get many attacks when you have many cups on you, or you are in arena that is way above your level of competitiveness. If you don’t want to be attacked many times, just don’t keep high cups or stay in arena that is on your level.

And this is so true, because i have never seen in my entire E&P time anyone being knocked down from Diamond to Bronze over night. That is nearly impossible, unless you put 1s and 2s on defense…


I didn’t want to get into the team analysis as it is off-topic for this, er, topic, and I’m no expert at team selection, but I can’t help feeling that Grimble is not ideal for defence and that neither he nor Raffaele is best placed on wing. I’d want to replace one of those reds with a holy if a decent one is available; maybe a blue sniper instead of the specialist healer, otherwise move Raff to right flank; and if you keep Kestrel he could go on wing as I think he’s fast?

I’d probably attack your team with my standard Seshat, Jackal, Rigard, Malosi, Proteus, or because of the double red I might even mono blue it. Tiles permitting it would be toast in short order. And I’m not even very good at raiding, and don’t have a troop above 14. That’s a thought actually, are your troops at a reasonable level and do you have a crit troop for Telly?

Still don’t see how that team goes below platinum though.

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Hmmm… Telluria tank and Mitsuko flank… mono blue might not be the best aproach…

Ok, but has this actually happened to you? No? Didn’t think so.

The most trophies I’ve lost in a short time is ~300 in 10 minutes. And I was still in diamond. I don’t cup drop.

Losing 50 trophies in a single match means you were raided by someone that’s 300+ trophies below you. Unless you’re WAY above your natural resting level or are only raiding weak teams (leading to big revenges), that’s not going to happen often. 25-30 points is more the norm.

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Fair point, best bring a dispeller too. Not too bothered about Telly, strong mono blue can wipe a green tank.

Wright now atacked me 20 players in same time and I lost 960 trophies for one minute

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