🏅 [Seventh Raid Tournament] Discussion and Feedback on Raid Tournament Matchmaking

My complaint is the same as it’s been all along. Since SG decided not to have “tiers” and throw everyone in the same bucket, they manipulate the matchmaking. I don’t see anything fair if assigning matchups based upon team power, especially in the opening rounds. It should be completely random. Then after a couple of days those that have the best records advance.

However, it’s obvious they have built this not for the players enjoyment, but to make a few bucks. Making you continually beat harder teams, while only getting 4 strikes is a sure way to run people off or make them pay. Then rules provide a huge boost to the defense. All heroes being Very Fast make it difficult, if not impossible to recover from a bad board. Many here will say it doesn’t happen, and you know who you are that will shout about RNG, but this is about the 4th tournament in a row where all 3 of my teams have consistently gotten awful boards. It’s like they want you to lose and buy gems…imagine that.

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Yesterday I lost 3 times, but today even with really bad boards I managed to get a 5/5 wins. Heading for the last day. With this very fast mana, only those who have Albereich or Mother North can survive.

Offtopic: By the way we need a 4* with resurrection skills :wink:

Anybody with a maxed Atomos loving themselves in the tournament right now?? He’s gotta be a beast. When they had the Buff Booster tournament but banned green I was pretty miffed for my poor Hatter, that was the one tournament he was going to shine in :sob:

IV got 2 defeats with gave 0. Zero points. That’s a really 2 crapp boards. Butt it’s okay I’m out of the tournament and I don’t care. Only did 11 attacks 4 losses 7 wins. My defense vdid a very good job 7 wins 3 losses class A

Day 3 and am currently out. I will say from the start I was up against 4k teams throughout every encounter but that is where my defense TP falls as well. I enjoy the challenge, but will not spend gems to continue until the loot pool is improved more than it currently is. Overall I see an improvement compared to previous tournaments.

Please don’t space out letters to avoid the profanity filter. It exists for a reason.

The complaint is fine–but that isn’t ok to do.


As nearly always matched against stronger teams very fast is just a coin flip. Good board win bad lose, as no time to move tiles to a more favourable position. To save time would rather flip a coin

You were most likely flagged because of the above and the innapropriate temper.

If this community aint for you, I , as f2p, show you the door! Or simply put, using your previous approach: gtfo! :slight_smile:


Recorded all my 5 flags of this last day in a row. Was matched roughly above my working teams. I love to see all my average and slow heroes charge that fast.

My amazing Mothers and some strong stacks did it.

Looking forward to the next tournament… :sunglasses:


MN, 2xMN :drooling_face:

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Still poor. Not sure why the devs don’t seem to understand that being matched up with someone that you have no chance against just isn’t fun. I like a good fight, even if I lose… but if they just mop the floor with me, that’s not fun.

Making the game FUN should be their #1 priority.


Welcome to the board @H.M :slightly_smiling_face:

Sad to hear about getting matched to disappointing opponents. Possibly you just had some bad luck. Maybe next time the boards will be with you again.

My matches of today also seemed to be impossible, but somehow I managed to beat all but 1 this tournament. On the 2nd day there were some weaker teams, but my score became bad due to that.

Maybe my clip a few posts above will change your mood.

Keep smiling, it’s just a game.

I want to start by saying I really enjoyed this tournament but have 2 contrasting matchmaking situations on main vs alt. I know we can only talk about one account but since my main is on the receiving end of what I consider poor matchmaking I think my alt can be mentioned as the situation for good matchmaking…

My main has 2 issues, firstly it was only attacked twice on 1st day and nothing since of which both lost…I like data so I know if I fielded a poor team but 2 attacks isnt enough feedback considering my alt was attacked 15x. I was happy to pay gems for my alt to continue which is a big deal for f2p but not for my main as there’s no incentive if not being attacked and sitting at E rating while alt sits on A ( rating doesnt bother me but need to be attacked more)

My second issue is within minutes of day 2 I got matched with the same person who caused my 1st 2 losses…come on SG, in all my time raiding ive never had this and what kind of tournament does a person face the same competitor multiple times on the same day, on a different day I can understand like semis or finals situation. Widen the search parameters cause this just shouldn’t happen. I was on the receiving end as it is a player at the top of the competition with a great defense but what if it was an easier team for me to beat and I caused their only 2 losses and they didn’t have anyone else attack them like my main has had happen, I would have given them an E rating. This is why the same opponent more than once same day shouldn’t happen if you are ‘trying to make it fair’, if this isn’t a bug then make it a full on free for all where anyone can face anyone regardless of level.

Happy to spend gems on continues but when I’m not attacked much and face same opposition then whats the point. Again really enjoyed the fights as most were so intense and exciting so give me a reason to continue with 75 gems by getting matchmaking right for everyone. Main not good matchmaking , alt great matchmaking…not sure why both were so different :slight_smile:

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Matchmaking is still garbage and it’s still meant to try to steal money from people.

5 days attack would be 25 attacks correct … guess they forgot to add day 5

No, day 5 just came up with some tiny bugs.

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It clearly isn’t. I have never come across such a dumb one… No huge support for great ideas. And you are fine with the system as it is. Real gamers make much more effort to improve a game. You’re just too old to play games like this :wink:

I wish you could remove my account. This is another ridiculous thing, if it was a great forum, I could remove it without any problems. What a poor company :rofl:

If you follow the link, submit a support ticket, I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to remove your account.


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I know it’s too much to ask from one like you, but you should follow this example of politeness Please remove my account

P.s. i bet im younger than you.

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