🏅 [Seventh Raid Tournament] Discussion and Feedback on Raid Tournament Matchmaking

Raid Tournament Matchmaking has been an ongoing work in progress.

Obviously matchmaking has been a source of significant issues in previous Raid Tournaments — but seems to be improving, albeit still in need of further work, judging by feedback on the Forum.

In particular, distribution of attacks across players has still appeared to be uneven, despite efforts to improve it.

With the Seventh Raid Tournament approaching, the question will be: are things working better now?

Share your observations and discuss below!

New Updates This Time

2 June – Applied Starting with Seventh Raid Tournament

We are changing the schedule for Raid Tournaments , starting from the next tournament forwards. The preparation phase for each Raid Tournament starts on Sundays and the battle phase lasts 5 days (Monday to Friday).

:clipboard: Raid Tournament Change Log

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2 June – Applied Starting with Seventh Raid Tournament

We are changing the schedule for Raid Tournaments , starting from the next tournament forwards. The preparation phase for each Raid Tournament starts on Sundays and the battle phase lasts 5 days (Monday to Friday).

21 May — Applied Starting with Sixth Raid Tournament

  • Further improvements to the distribution of attacks, especially for the top players.
    • Keep in mind that if you’re in the top, your defense team will receive more attacks. This is due to the fact that there is a small number of top defense teams that are good matches for a large number of top attackers. We try to prioritize choosing a good opponent over choosing a too easy or too difficult opponent that hasn’t been attacked as much. We have also implemented a limit on how attacks count towards your Defense Grade. After the first five attacks of the day, only one attack per hour counts towards the grade.
  • Changes to the starting difficulty of opponents your defense team faces.
    • It is no longer based on the defense team you pick, but your best heroes that match the tournament requirements. We’ve brought this rule back because we want to encourage players to choose the best defense team they can, and thus provide a better challenge to their opponents. Due to the way the Team Power is calculated it was possible, for example, to pick a defense team of two fully leveled, fully ascended heroes that were on paper equal in Team Power with a full team of lower rarity heroes, but in practice that full team would be defeated in most cases.

7 May – Applied Starting with Sixth Raid Tournament

We have now started to rollout the new update.

Version 21 Raid Tournaments improvements and changes:

  • Fixed a bug with Raid Team selection.
  • Fixed a bug with Tournament Defense Score rounding.
  • Improvements to tournament rules view.
  • Warning shown if you try to sacrifice troops that are in use in Tournament.
  • Players can’t take part in tournaments if they don’t have a full team that meets the Tournament’s requirements.
  • Fixed raid attack team selection.
  • Fixed rounding error in Tournament defense score.

30 Apr – Applied Starting with Fourth Raid Tournament

  • Improvements to matchmaking to more evenly distribute attacks among all players.
  • The difficulty of the opponents reduced slightly in the beginning of tournaments.
  • The difficulty of the teams that the player’s defense team faces is based on the defense team instead of the five best heroes in their roster.
  • Fixed a bug where last week’s leaderboard showed wrong values when a new tournament had started.

9 Apr – Applied Starting with Second Raid Tournament

Maintenance break is over and Raid Tournaments are back!

Improvements and changes:

  • The difficulty of enemies that the players face at the beginning of the Tournament is now determined by the 5 best heroes in their roster (within the rarity and element limits of the current tournament).
  • Improvements to matchmaking to more evenly distribute attacks among all players.
  • The amount of Difficulty Bonus is increased and has more emphasis on the performance of the opponents Tournament Defense Team.
  • Fixed a bug where players could get loot that was not correct for their final loot tier.
  • The amount of loot given from Raid Tournaments has been reduced for the meantime.

26 Mar – Applied Starting with First Raid Tournament

First Raid Tournament is starting soon!

  • Raid Tournaments are special Raids that you can join each week.
  • Raid Tournaments have 3 phases:
    • Preparation Phase that lasts for 24 hours. During the preparation phase, you join the upcoming Tournament and prepare your defense team. You can only use defense teams that match the event rules.
    • Battle Phase lasts for four days. The Battle Phase is divided into four Battle Days where you have five attacks available for each Battle Day. You can only use attack teams that match the event rules.
    • Reward Phase that lasts two days. Your final score will determine your reward tier. You get rewards only from the highest reward tier that you belong to.
  • Raid Tournaments have three Special Rules:
    • Rush Attack: All Special Skills are Very Fast.
    • Bloody Battle: Healing has no effect.
    • Buff Booster: Each active buff gives +20% attack.
  • Raid Tournaments can have limitations to Hero and Troop rarity and Elements.
  • Raid Tournaments are scored based on four factors:
    • Enemies killed: The number of enemies killed during your attack.
    • Winning: Victorious attack will award extra points.
    • Difficulty Bonus: Winning the attack will award points based on comparing the performance of the opponent’s defense team with the performance of your attacks.
    • Defense Team Grade: Your defense team will receive points at the end of each Battle Day based on their performance.

Initial Release Notes

We have now scheduled the next Raid Tournament to start next week, on Tuesday, 23th of April, 2019.

As this is a brand new feature, we will be monitoring it and making further adjustments based on our findings and player feedback. Please make sure to read our previous response and follow our Raid Tournaments Change Log for all updates and improvements related to this feature.

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Moderator’s Note

This thread will automatically open when the Tournament’s first day of battle begins.

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I think now the balance of the tournament is perfect for nobody to play.
Now there are 5 days tournament and I am already out in the second day. And I have 4150 team with multiple 5* heroes and more that 18 playing, and I consider I have quite good in raids.
So, matching has been change for too too easy enemies to be impossible to finish 5 days without spending gems…
And spending gems and 5 days work for… A reduced loot. I may get better lot with the 6 days mustic vision…

So thank you SGG for destroying a good idea and making it only for players who pay… If I liked this game was because with patience I could be competitive, but each day and each new feature moves in the opposite direction… With this tendency I may not reach two years playing to this game almost daily… It’s a pity, but it may be an option


IV got a defense 4150 power. Lost 3 attacks. Already. Tomorrow in My 3rd day il be out of competition. Don’t because of matching but because of stupid boards. Iv counted the truns of nothing good and it’s more that 15 turns. My heros last that long but they give no damage at all. I’ve realize that my raids wars the tiles don’t give the damage they should. Well. Wen I’m out I’m out.

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is the second day of the raid tournament and all the opponents are of a power too superior to be able to do anything. I already lost 4 battles in a row. It is still the pairing of a tournament that does not favor balance. since you can not choose the opponent at least it should be of increasing difficulty or match by ranks of power. I remain without any expectation regarding this new area of ​​the game.

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It appears to be a system that pushes some players to spend gems to progress within the tournament. It may not be right but the supplier will want to make money. And in any event you get free loot and a chance to fill the raid chest

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that is one of the possible answers. And so far it seems that that is the goal. Or they have many problems to fix that aspect or do not want to do it. Anyway I continue to express my disagreement with a new element of the game that should be improved for both those who pay and those who do not.

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I’m out as well. Just take the free loot. I was hoping to survive longer just so I can use the tournament to supplement by raid chest but boards really screwed me.

I agree with you. I lost all 4 matchups today and they weren’t even close. It’s sad (but not surprising) that they want people to spend money.

I also got 4K opponents right from the beginning. What disturbs me most is to leave out one color making it very hard to proceed through 20 matches and that you are actually thrown out before playing all 20. And those defense points can really be removed, just unfair (last tournament I got attacked exactly zero times). What is also missing is a table of the alliance results (same for events) to promote competition. Atm. it all feels like playing offline. Maybe that buying back feature is for money, maybe it is just to avoid more frustration to newer players, who knows. Some more communication on decisions and news in the game’s mailbox would not be wrong. Anyways, still looking forward to the next tournament.

The matchmaking is consistent with other tourneys. My first was right below my best TP (call it 4100) - it was right under 4k. The rest are all 4200+ as I keep winning. I lost one and it dropped to 4100 and then right back up. Whether it is 3* or 4* or 5*, this is how it was for every tourney. It just gets hilarious because you are totally at the mercy of the boards.

Like it or not, this is the way the devs want it run it appears…

Lost two times today. Noticed also that the power went slightly down after a loss. So I guess this works as intended.
My last match was against a 4k opponent whilst my max power is about 3650. Guess I’ll be fighting 4,1k opponents tomorrow. Well, with a lucky board this is feasible and I might be in the top 5% at the end.
Definitely a luck competition. Which is actually a good thing for players with soso rosters like me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I never a more dispute a tournament again, everyone I played was handicapped by a board where I did not have Chance to beat my opponent that should be changed, I only ask that I have a chance to win worthily my opponent not be prejudiced

As a lower level player, TP of 2800, I found this go around more fun. Sure, I was out today, but I lasted much longer. No doubt I had some hot boards which helped to beat stronger teams. As of now I sit in the top 50% and my defence sits at an A rating. All in all I held my own with just one 5* hero, Margaret and her peek-a-boo SS.


Not to me. I figthed with all 4200 opponents and lost 4 times. My teem have 4000.

Today has been all 4300 teams, lol…still hanging in with my slow mana studs!

Hehe . I’m out as of today …

Tough crowd, but dumb question. If mana is FAST , does that mean my offence as well as defense?
I know I used fast and average heroes and struck the same colour with 8+ and got close but never full mana but my opponent got their mana full before .

But yesterday has been my bad RNG day…for everything… today seems so as well lol :performing_arts:

Personally this 5 day period is too long , or it can just separate the goats from the sheep :ram::goat:

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