🧭 Seventh Path of Valor (Valour; PoV7) Log and Discussion – Starts Jan 18

Fair point. Hopefully this more challenging set of, er, challenges is not going to be the norm going forward. I’m all for it being reasonably hard to complete but there’s a gap between reasonably hard and downright mean.

So we can now confirm that dailies 9 is 27. Logically, 10 will be 30.

That means another 19 days to complete the valor challenge. And there’s only 20 days left.

Come on SGG, quit being jerks on POV. Having daily challenges count double this way is bad enough, as even for mid level players they’re not all achievable (upgrading your barracks? Hope there’s no troop related daily!).

Allowing only 3 missed dailies is ridiculous.

This isn’t an issue for me, but it certainly is for many, particularly those who can’t stick in diamond or kill 9+ titans.

Go back to the old one, or reduce the number needed overall so we’re back to 5+ days of skipping allowed. Or, you know, don’t double count them this way at all.


I really don’t know what SG are thinking with the PoV challenge changes. It’s clear it will result in them losing money from the Valor Pass sales. Are they thinking they could get that back + a surplus with the 4* mat sale offers?

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I hadnt kept up with the changes being made to this PoV, just decided to calculate how far along i was from finishing. As i had seen i wasnt going to be able to complete the Dailies challenge on my account.

Funny to see others complaining about the same thing. I dont know what they were thinking but i guess it makes sense according to their math/analysis. Maybe its a way to force more summon Quest completion.

Either way, they’ve lost 3 sales on this side.

While I agree with the daily challenge concerns, there is a lot of leeway in the system to allow you to get to level 48 and even 50 without needing to complete all the POV challenges.

Total possible points is 52,500 if you do all PoV.
You need 43,820 points to reach level 48 - 4* AM. So you can miss 39 daily challenges and still get both 4* AM if you complete all the other items.
You need 46,850 points to reach level 50 - the “all-important” Avatar level. So you can miss 26 daily challenges and still reach level 50 if you complete all the other items.

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Yes, and previously you could miss 15 and STILL complete the larger challenge. So if you couldn’t complete one of the others it wasn’t as bad.

The people (like myself) that have completed every single valor challenge since Pov1? Doesn’t matter. But POV was changed after POV1 to not be so stupidly difficult, as you point out.

This change is a step in the wrong direction on that. And there’s no good reason it. They could have reduced some of the tiers (or eliminated one and redistributed the points) instead, while still avoiding the day 1/day 2 issue where people apparently couldn’t remember that they’d actually completed a tier.


I’ve completed every POV so far, but this is good to know. Never calculated since I don’t have any trouble getting to 50.

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VP7 is terrible, for ppl that can’t do Diamond raid and barely reach S3 is almost impossible to complete the VP7, you are screwed if you missed a few dailies. Will not be buying VP if they keep making it difficult to complete it.


I’d advise doing the math on what’s left to see where you’ll land. Even my little alt accounts are going to make level 50 with points to spare, and that’s only getting to summons level 9 and not being in diamond raids.

I would bet if you’re careful on the dailies and can get all your titans you’ll make it to 48 which is all that really matters for rewards.

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I think I can still hit lvl 48 which is my target anyway. Don’t really care about the avatar as I love my sea dragon avatar and won’t change it any time soon. But agree that PoV7 is probably the most challenging one in a while.

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Like dude, I don’t even know if you trying to be helpful or just show off anymore, keep repeating your alt can do this or what. Like I am honestly confused.

Can you please also do some math, total required dailies to complete all tiers are 147, (assuming last tier is also 30 like last one). In a 50 days cycle, you have 150 possible dailies so you are allowed to miss 3 dailies, not 3 days, but 3 daily task, in 50days. Put that into RL context, as we live in real world, not fantasy land. (Also for people that haven’t even reach S3, this is completely out of question, as many task require S3)

I don’t know you or your RL situation mate, but given the fact you have so much free time to play even an alt account and get it to 50 tiers, it gives me impression either you are very fortunate not to need to work (good for you), or you never had to work hard at all. Even in a job IRL, when you work 5days-6days a week, you at least get 1-2 days off. Thats like 5-8days off every 30days. Right now, you are allowed to miss 1 day out of 50days on the Dailies.

I mean, last I check, this does cost my money to pay right?, is not like they handing it out for free, 147/150, you gota work on this like a real job, worst than a RL job.

It is a game, and it requires money to be paid, is not free, I would appreciate a much higher leeway, 147/150 is hardly ANY leeway at all on something that I have to pay for. I am not asking anything to be handed out on a plate (I played MMORPG, I do lots of grinding RNG crap, my grind time on games are thousands hours, and counted in days, I will not complain about grind if is “reasonable”), but there is something call “balance”, between difficult/demanding/challenging, to outright unreasonable.

Yes, you can barely reach all tiers missing Diamond Raid, but you are cutting it real close, and there is barely any room for error, you have to work your butt off like a freaking job, a job that I had to pay to do. Not asking anything to be handed on a plate, but balance, and reasonable stuff, cause we live IRL. If they didn’t tweak/stealth buff the requirement on Dailies, and allow everyone to complete last level of Dailies easier, none of this would’ve need to be in discussion at all. That fact that not everyone can do Diamond Raid, and the tweak on Dailies combo each other make this so bad. Once again, Dev don’t play their game, at least not ones that live a RL, any reasonable person would’ve seen this as unbalance and unreasonable.

Anyways, thank you for your comment, but I have said more than enough, I don’t think anymore needs to be said, if ppl wants to understand it, they would understand it, if they don’t want to understand it they never will. Besides, latest changes to the game giving me more and more impression the Dev doesn’t care (nerfing Titan chest, Costume keys), all while making everything so difficult and cranking up the RNG, if you enjoy it, good for you, pay them more. Happy grinding~


I’m just saying it’s not some Herculean task to get to level 48, and it’s actually 3 accounts I play that will all hit level 50. I work from home so I’m able to play whenever through the day, and I’ve focused my play to, for example, reach all the S3 levels I’d need to finish daily tasks. Valor challenges are a priority for me, and they may not be for everyone that’s fine. I have no interest in replaying challenge event levels to improve my score and others do that’s fine.

What I don’t enjoy is people saying everything should be compromised and made easier because THEY think it’s too hard. The parameters are set out, this is what is needed to achieve x goal so if you want it you know what to do, so do it.

I couldn’t finish valor when I started, but I set it as a goal and a focus of my play every day so now I achieve it and move on to working on new goals. But that’s me.

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Maybe, this is the point you’ve been missing all along. The original daily task total and tier requirement are much more manageable, it is much more reasonable. THEY tweak it to be 147/150, combo with Diamond Raid requirement in the same VP, it is hardly asking for things to be compromise and made easier “because they think is too hard”, THEY changed it to make it harder than it originally was. No one asking them to make it easier, just don’t make it harder, might sounds the same to you, but it is actually quite different lol.

You’ve played so much, I am sure you should’ve kept track of the changes made. As of VP5, per Guvnor Moderator’s post, total Dailies require was only 133/150, it was tweak and made harder as of VP6 to 147/150, a 88.67% vs. 98% completion requirement. Don’t make it easier, just don’t be greedy/stingy and make it harder to gate keep ppl out. Just like who had issue with Titan chest that it was noticeably nerfed in loot quality, a chest that open once every 5 days (at best, some ppl need a week or more). Ppl probably didn’t have issue VP6 because Diamond raid was not combo in to make it significantly harder, VP7 just expose how absurd the requirement is 98% attendance rate for a game that I need to pay for, “assuming you can even complete the task asked of you that is”

I am glad you can work from home, probably a good paying high quality job, please stay safe and healthy. Please be considerate for others as well that might be less fortunate as compare to your position IRL, and in game progress.


A really unpleasant change, I have no difficulty in finishing, but I agree that this change will affect many players who were able to finish before, and now have less chance of doing so.
If english is bad … sorry :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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The change was made during the current PoV

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Np, your English is fine, English is not my first language either, point of language is just communicate points across, not writing academic essay here, so don’t really care as long as we can get each other’s point across and understand each other. Thanks for being considerate of others even as you can finish the VP yourself. And same for me, I assume I can finish the VP as well, but just because I can finish it, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t tweak to become very unbalance and unreasonable.

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HA~! Thanks mate, thank you for pointing out my error, I could’ve swore I open the correct post, and when I look back at it again, guess what I found?

SGG has been consistently raising the requirement for Dailies since VP5, I didn’t look further than that, but here is the record:

VP5: Total required 133

VP6: Total required 135

VP7: Total required 147

So lets have a prediction, next VP, VP8, Total dailies requirement would be 150/150 right? What a load of BS, thanks for pointing out so I actually went back to double check. I must’ve mixed up some numbers when I added them up switching between tabs.

I wonder if the other guy finally see the point, is not about asking to make it easier and have things handed out, is about things are being consistently tweak to harder level to the point where it become unreasonable. From 133/150 (88.86%), to 135/150 (90%), to now 147/150 (98%) dailies complete required, like WOW just wow, how can you still argue things are made easier when it is clearly going the other way, in an absurd and unreasonable way.


I’m not saying it’s made easier, it’s definitely made harder, and for me it’s nice to not have like 15 challenges leftover since I do them all, it’s good that they all count now.

Also it’s possible to get to level 48 which is all that really matters without completing all these tasks, you don’t need to be in diamond raids to reach 48, you don’t need to finish the last Dailies challenge to reach 48. The points from the titans, the wars, and finishing most of raids and most of dailies will get you there just fine, so again I’m lost about why complain about it. If you don’t like it, don’t do it :roll_eyes:

I am not really trying to pick a fight over a forum on things that probably never going to improve seeing it is only going the wrong way anyways. But if is not clear, you feel like ppl asking it to make it easier and you don’t enjoy it, but it wasn’t the case, maybe is easier to understand if I put it this way. We not asking for subtraction, we are asking don’t do addition, is that really hard to get idk, maybe is still not the best example.

But like I said, if you can’t be considerate and think for others less fortunate, then there really is no point. I can probably get all tiers completed, it doesn’t mean Dailies requirement wasn’t unreasonable. Just because I can do something, I can get something, doesn’t mean it is alright/ok. Some rich mf can drive a Ferrari doesn’t mean is not expensive af and out of reach for most. You keep setting the bar at 48, and thats according to you, (however stupid it might be, I consider it stupid as well) but there could be ppl dying for the avatar you know.

W/e the case, I consider From 133/150 (88.86%), to 135/150 (90%), to now 147/150 (98%) dailies complete required to be unreasonable, whether you can complete 60 or 80 tiers of VP is not my point. If they set out 150/150 completion required and you are still happy about it, thats you, I find that unreasonable, and it seems like we live in 2 different universe with different world view, so further this is kinda pointless. Have a good day sir.

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