Seven Days Hunting

Can someone get a message to seven days hunting. This is Hawk. My phone crashed and I have to get a new one. I will be offline for a bit. Please have someone from hunting reply to this message to confirm it has been received.


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Thanks @ThatGuy, Flesh will probably let me simmer in stress for a bit.

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I sent Line messages to Fleshpeeler, Tevva, and Checker.

I told flesh to drop you and add me instead.



Hahahaha! He probably should. I can’t even keep my phone working.

Awesome! Thanks coppersky!

I’ve heard back from Fleshpeeler and Checker. Let me know when you want this thread closed.

Close it out, thank you!

One thing, in these case pc emulators can come in handy while waiting to get a new phone. I’m trying bignox lately (only for android) and it works a charm

Haven’t heard of it, but I’ll check it out. Thanks

Hey! Can Someone get a message to hunting. My phone is taking a swim with the fishes and I will be offline for a few days. If you let BCC, Riff or Checker know. If they need to kick me for now that is fine and I will contact them when I have line again.

I’ll tell Rilf.
But will you get your war hits? :o

Very unlikely. Will be 10-12 hours before I can buy a new phone and then i’ll need to log in or change over accounts.

Kind of in the middle of the sea atm

ahh… feel sorry for you mendo. Hope you come back soon :wink:

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