Seven Days Departed (Top 5, Non-Toxic, Organized, Talkative)


We are an active, friendly, helpful, organized, and competitive group of [mostly] adults, fighting to climb to the top. We’re non-elitist, and have real-lives outside the game (although we do have activity rules).

We open the alliance to Mercenaries, as needed.

Dead Titans. Minimal Drama. Mature players. 8*-9* Titans, 2000+ Trophies to join, but we may make exceptions if people are close.

Activity and growth required. Two missed Titans in a week, without prior notice, may result in removal.

We are invite-only, but there are normally members online at any time for fast approval. We [optionally] use Discord, which is similar to Teamspeak:

Now, let’s murder some Titans together.

Leader: aibretty


I’ve been in this alliance since it started, so I can say with certainty that the leader Avicious has worked hard to keep it fair, active, competitive, and helpful. The group is pretty light-hearted, except when it comes to taking down titans. :slight_smile: Team members are always available with ideas, assistance, and insights for playing the game too. Avicious and the other players have helped refine my team of heroes and given me excellent tips. I highly recommend this alliance!

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Thank you for the kind words, @ETAJazz :smiley:

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We’re full, as of today, folks! I’ll update when another spot opens up. And just killed the 6* Venomtail, today. That may be our first for this Titan.

Please, by all means, come hang out with us in Discord and chat! We are open to the Public and have non-alliance folks in there all the time! New players, especially!


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Greetings, Adventuers!

We have 2 vacant spots for Active, Non-Toxic Titan slayers! We are mostly adults who enjoy friendly competition and climbing the rankings. We help each other and have a boatload of resources. We are organized and very like-minded. Also, we have a very low member turn-over rate.

Our goal is 1400+ trophies for new members, but sometimes we make exceptions to the trophy rule. Just ask us in Discord if you’re reasonably close to the standard and can hit the Titan hard!

You can join our Discord to meet us first at


Jump into the gauntlet right away by applying in the Alliance menu. Just search Seven Days Departed. We normally accept applications pretty quickly.

Stay frosty!

Greetings, Friends!

We have a vacancy among our ranks! Please search for us in the Alliance menu to apply or:



Please be active and willing to hit the Titans. Thank you!
P.S. You’ll love it here :slight_smile:


Trusted companies offering to join your alliance. I’m real player I play daily.

Hey @Nightmale! It’s awesome to see people interested in joining us. We’re currently full, but that could change at any time. You should come hang out with us in our Discord!

We have many people from the community hang out with us even though they aren’t in our alliance. We even have Alliance leaders hang out with us!

Also, when a spot opens up, I’m usually interested in filling it pretty quickly. Sometimes, if there is a prospect in our Discord, it shows us they are a little more interested than the rest. That says a bit more to us. It’s not a guarantee, but it definitely shows us that you are excited about our mission. I’ll also respond to this thread if there is a vacancy.

Hope to see you there!

Greetings, Adventurers!

We have 2 vacancies for active, non-toxic players. We are very talkative, competent, and organized. 1400+ Trophies to join, but we may make exceptions based on judgment.

Apply in Alliance menu, or visit

or jump in our Discord to get to know us:

I play daily. I’m new in this game but I have a 40 years experience for all kind of games. Started first computer game’s to every console after then. I have play example of the mafia wars 3 year’s and then meny more. This is quite interesting component of different types play. So if you want me to join you just tell me how do to it. Like I say, starting to play yesterday so I have a plenty of learn. I’m from Finland and Kristiina is my first name… hope you intestine and I understand if I’m too green for your group. Thanks to replay anyway…

@Nightmale Unfortunately our spots are filled pretty quickly. We are full now. I’ll post again when we have a new spot. Have a good day!

We have 1 open spot for an Active, Non-Toxic member with 1400+ Trophies. We may make an exception if you’re close and a good fit! We have fun here. We give you the tools and resources to control your destiny!

If you need a testimonial, just drop in our Discord (link at top of post) :slight_smile:

We have an open spot! 1600+ Trophies preferred in an Active/Non-Toxic member. Exceptions have been made in the past and will make them again if there is potential!

Please visit our Discord if you want to get to know us first! :slight_smile: (Link at top of page)

Thank you!

We have 1 open spot for an Active, Non-Toxic member! 1600+ Trophies preferred. You pretty much control your destiny here. Most of us are a tight-knit, competent group of easy-going adults. We are enthusiastic about the game and our alliance, and it shows.

We’d LOVE to add a like-minded individual who is willing to progress with us!

Update: Vacancy has been filled. 30/30 … Thank you!

Hey folks! It’s that time again! Obviously, I’m usually re-typing the same thing at this point. Lol. If you like what you are reading, come check us out!

You could be the next perfect fit! :slight_smile:

We have one spot open for an active, non-toxic, titan slayer!

EDIT: And it’s filled! Thanks all!

I’d love to join but I’m not at the 1600 cups mark yet. Around 1000 at the moment. Got good cards just need to get them leveled now. I’ll look for another opening down the road when I’m closer to the 1600 mark. Nice vids on your website btw. Very helpful stuff.

@Jas19illini you sound like you’d be a great fit. Keep in touch. There is a Discord widget on the website. Click Connect and come hang out with us! :slight_smile:

Sometiems we make exceptions based on the person and their potential fit with us

Will do. I’ll check out the discord shortly. Thanks.

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Hey guys! We have an opening available for a Non-Toxic, Titan Slayer! Rules are simple. Be active. Hit Titans. Show willingness to improve.

If you don’t have the 1600 trophies, but are relatively close, let us know!

Hopping in our Discord channel is a popular route people take to meet us and get to see what’s in store, if they end up joining. Link is at the top of the page.


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hi guys, I’m just sending a quick message here from work. I have no internet at home and haven’t been able to get into the game since Sunday or into Discord. :frowning:

Got a tech coming over this evening who can hopefully fix it.

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