Setup and ascend help please

I need some help on who to fully ascend next. Also I am thinking of changing my def team. Now is dom,Ariel,guin,Magni, kadilen. I am thinking between two other setups if I take talents from frida and gone then to tel.

  1. Clarissa-guin-tel-Ariel-gym
    Also I am thinking of removing talents from guin and give them to onatel maybe she is better to my def team with tel. At last should I use Clarissa without talents or domitia? Cause all tallents will go to tel(or shouldn’t it)
    Thanx in advance

Question: does your alliance need war tanks to be green?
If no, I wouldn’t necessarily bother pumping too many emblems into Telluria, PURELY because you already have a tank in Guinevere… There’s no need to emblem pump 2 tanks…

Good reading link: Your Defense Team Is Good Enough

So with that in mind:

Defence Team
Got a couple options. Can go the “Yurple” route:
Onatel -> Clarissa -> Guinevere -> Domitia -> Joon

Rainbow option:
Gravemaker -> Clarissa -> Guinevere -> Kadilen -> Magni
Gravemaker -> Clarissa -> Guinevere -> Ariel / Magni -> Morgan Le Fay

Slightly Stacked:
Gravemaker -> Clarissa -> Guinevere -> Domitia -> Morgan Le Fay
Gravemaker -> Onatel/Guinevere -> Clarissa -> Joon -> Morgan Le Fay

If you want Telly:
Clarissa -> Gravemaker -> Telluria -> Ariel / Magni -> Joon
(don’t really think you need Telly on defence tho for the above reason)

In terms of emblems:

  • Would personally move most of the paladins over to Clarissa. Would say most of Frida’s and all of Telly’s (if she’s not going onto defence).
  • Personally would be trying to redistribute the Ranger Emblems from Khagan

Thank you for your answer. I have a couple of questions .

  1. Isn’t tel a better tank than guin?
  2. Remove talents from kaghan but put them to whom?
  3. If I put all talents to tel then I can’t use Clarissa without talents. In that case do I have to share talents between those two?
  4. If I use tel is it better to remove talents from my guin and give it to onatel so I can use her as a wing, or joon is better?
    Thank you

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