Settle this dispute

I’m having a friendly dispute with another player on what is the best next move on this board.

Appreciate the replys, thank you forum!


Since your heroes are almost charged, I will probably just pull the right hand corner purple down to charge up all your heroes. There is also a 20% chance that you will end up with a red diamond after that move. Also, observing the mana bars on your heroes, you need 4 red tiles to charge them all up, so this move will ensure that too. :slight_smile:

PS: Please share the full video with us if possible, I am sure we are all dying to see what went down? :slight_smile:



20 run away fights


Pull down the bottom right 3 red, fire everyone, then fire the 3 in the middle at aegir


20% chance there’s a red tile down there and you just made a red diamond

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Not worth the risk imo.


What risk? The mid red will connect 4 regardless and leave a dragon skull worst case

Plus Aegir is already topped on mana. So roll lots tiles. As many as you can!

Unless Aegir is firing then yes… roll the 6 reds! Though I don’t think the first 3 will be enough to fire Wilbur. Which means after the second set of 3 let fly;
you’re still out of gas to chase wilbur’s special


What risk? You make that move and the worst case is 4 red tiles that charge everyone and create a dragon bomb.

You have a 20% chance at a diamond instead. And if you have to “settle” for the dragon bomb, I think it’s location is random which means you have another 25% chance that it ends up where you can match with the two reds on the right that remain.


For what it’s worth i see what you mean and that does make sense

If u do it the way klin says, you’re guaranteed to fire your specials after aegir fires and not waste tiles before the fact

If you cascade now, you’ll charge your heroes but options of tiles may be limited after the fact

The guaranteed specials then the guaranteed tiles is the safer bet

No % chance there

Fire the 3 tiles in bottom right, let aegir special fire, reverse with your specials then take the guarantee 3 up the middle would be safest play

My original thought was pirates move

That being said, i think either one would work


I dont know if it makes a difference. I screen shotted this at a poor time. Aegirs special is actually being activated in this picture

By my calculation… You have at least a 40% chance that the result will be better with the purple match and a 40% chance they are equal. The either 20% is harder to determine because it depends on cascade possibilities.

As Pompitous said, Aegir is already charged. A cascade into him is just not a problem. You would have to be insanely unlucky to charge any of the others up. And you get all 5 of your specials.

More reason to only fire enough tiles to charge and not excess to wear out the board then in my opinion

You want red cascades after you fire your specials, not before

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I think that does make a difference. Don’t want a cascade that charges him back up. If were already charged, cascade is fine. But empty? I think klim is right.


I thought Aegir was in the process of firing. My initial thought was same as @KLinMayhem. Use a 3-match to get your specials going. You’re not going to finish Aegir with red gems anyways. You need Wilbur firing to reverse his buff. Then soften them up with your other specials and use rest of gems.


Thanks everyone for your input. It’s really interesting how everyone sees the board differently. I’m pretty surprised actually that it wasnt lopsided one way or the other. I think it makes us better players having these discussions so again i appreciate it.

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So now the million dollar question is – what was the actual next move?


The next move is the bottom right tiles, so I humbly admit I would have moved the tiles in the top corner. Reasoning : obviously the diamond chance. Bomb basically adds a red to the board etc same reasoning as above.

Thanks for posting this, good exercise. I’m going to share with alliance members to improve tile play for wars.


@ThePirateKing trying to figure out how to pull a video from line and post on here for full vid. Sounds really easy but I havent been able to figure it out. Might have to take a video of the video

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Upload to youtube then post link to vid here

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