Setting up new alliance

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I would like to start my own alliance, i’m in one currently but will leave after killing the titan. Kindly advise on how to go about. I heard that gems is required, if so how much ?


Why would you start a new alliance instead of join one that is already active and seeking new members?
I can tell you it is hard work to find members that have the same idea/vision as you have and will be active.
No matter what you chose, have fun!

The answer to your question about how many gems it will cost is 50. See below link as well.


Thank you so much Harry! Two friends will be joining me and probably couple more real soon.

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Mainly we are just tired of some members opting in for war but not attacking even after reminders.

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I have to agree with HarryDeB. There are so many alliances out there all looking to max at 30 members. It’s going to be hard work and possibly a long time to get the full 30 membership. Unless you get all the family and friends to join. It may possibly be better for you to join a more active alliance to grow and progress. Whatever decision you makeI wish you good luck

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I think it’s 50 gems

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Thank you! On the other hand, it’ll be stress-free playing with friends and family.

Yes, it’s indeed 50 gems.

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