Setting up my teams


I was wondering if you guys could give your opinion to how you would set up offense and defense team for PVP with my roster. The heroes I currently own are:

Alasie, Richard (x2), Thorne
Cap. Kestrel
Joon, Guardian Owl
Elkanen, Gregorion
Boss Wolf

Kiril, Sonya, Boril, Grimm
Gormek (x3), Scarlett (x3), Guardian Falcon, Colen, Kelile
Melendor (x2), Caedmon (x2), Kashrek
Tiburtus (x4), Rigard (x3), Cyprian, Sabina
Wu kong (x2), Chao, Gretel, Guardian Jackal, Li xiu, Hu tao

Meaning I got both alasie and gregorion to do elemental links if I want my defense team of 2 green, 2 blue 1 random, not sure if the link is really worth it though.
I’m really debating with myself for mid position (defense) to be either richard, boss wolf or kashrek.

I’m planning on using it like this:

Mid pos. Richard
2/4 pos. Joon + Rigard
1/5 pos. Alasie + Gregorion

Offense (standard pvp)
Mid pos. Rigard
2/4 pos. Wu kong + Cap. Kestrel
1/5 pos. Alasie + Gregorion

vs blue titan
Gregorion, caedmon, wu kong, alasie, tibertus
vs green titan
cap. kestrel, gormek, gregorion, wu kong, tiburtus
vs red titan
alasie, kiril, wu kong, tiburtus, gormek
vs yellow titan
tiburtus, rigard, alasie, gregorion, wu kong
vs purple titan
joon, wu kong, alasie, gregorion, gormek

And priority order of getting new color hero should perhaps be:
purple > red > blue > green > yellow

I would love feedback on this, and gladly change up my teams if I got the priorities of the heroes wrong. In some cases where I need debuffs I’ll use either melendor or caedmon or w/e, so this is more of a general rule of thumb instead of when facing specific things I need to counter.

Maybe you would make alasie tank instead and have all color defense? And as for defense I really don’t feel like wu kong is the best, making me miss all the time and easy to dispel.


I like Joon on Offense, not defense, but that’s a minor quibble (I intend to use WuKong more or less on Titans only; definitely not on Defense where I can’t control him).

You say Offense/Defense which makes me think Raid…same Defense for War? For each of the three war adds (Arrows, Aid, Boost)?

Let me know how Gregorion’s crit works against a green Titan. You seem to go Rainbow against titans rather than double strong color—but if your second color isn’t maxed yet, yeah, go with your strong cards.

I found Kashrek worthless until he was maxed. I use him now but still get beaten in Raid, so clearly others have a strategy for him. :slight_smile:

Definitely max Alasie, Gregorion, Joon, Falcon, Jackal, I have and am happy with Rigard and Melendor. Also have Gretel and hear good things about her. Basically, keep everything you have (I typically keep 2x), though I don’t care for HuTao, I’m sure you can find a use for all of these. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply!

I’m with you on the wu kong being an unreliable hero for defense, not sure why you don’t like Joon on defense though?

No I go double strong usually, unless I’m facing yellow titans, then I tend to use wu kong aswell.

Yeah I was thinking raids, but kind of debating on most setups at the moment, got recently some new heroes :slight_smile: So Gregorion is on the list to level up. I didn’t take their levels into calculations because I’ll just level up the heroes I’ll use first.

I’ve done a couple raids vs Kashrek mid enemies, and I have to be really lucky with the layout to get them down, and usually focus getting mana to finish off Kashrek. But then again - if they come with debuffs and can get the mana on those heroes you kind of negate it, but his heal is strong aswell.

As for my war defense team, I’m currently going with double blue:
Elkanen, C. Kestrel, Richard, Rigard and Alasie… I’m sure I can do something better here. I haven’t taken into calculation the boost from the wars, I’m currently in a alliance that was left behind and I should find a new one (after the summer) :smile:

How would you set up the defense team for raids?
I’m thinking maybe
Alasie mid, 2/4 sabina + joon, 1/5 c. kestrel + gregorion
I’ll have to level up gregorion and sabina, in the meantime I’ll use rigard and caedmon.
I also have Guardian Owl, but seeing that he’s a “very slow” mana gainer, and also his skill is based on rest of the team dead, he’s kinda niche. As for boss wolf or cyprian for that matter - the debuff removes the counter, so later on its not really viable I think.

As for the offense I’m thinking I should go by prio for the different colors.
Green : Gregorion > Caedmon > Melendor > Elkanen
Blue : Alasie > Kiril > Richard > Grimm
Red : C. Kestrel > Gormek > G. Falcon
Yellow : Wu Kong > Joon > Gretel > Chao
Purple : Rigard > Tiburtus > Sabina

Would you agree?

I’m hideous on Raids, so i won’t infect you with my thoughts on Raid alignment lol.

On your last comment, I think WuKong is in a category all his own (I known players who will bring him against yellow Titans, etc); I would put your yellow list as is starting with Joon (the strongest), with WuKong in that “other” category.

Off the top of my brain: have you ever put Owl in 1 or 5, to be the last Owl standing during war? Heh

Just a quick note, I can’t think of the last time I raided using a rainbow team. Stacking colors, usually against the tank, seems to improve my win ratio. Falcon improves your red stack.