Setting up mono teams

I’d like to suggest an option for setting up mono teams for war/raids, etc. In its simplest form, it would allow players the ability to select from an element hero roster list, rather than having to scroll through your entire roster.

Thank you.

they already have that.

you can sort your roster by element…

or am i not graspin your request correctly?


…but if we could get a filter as

  • research by name
    • with search button
  • rarity
    • 1*, 2*, 3*, 4*, 5*, all
  • element
    • dark, holy, ice, nature, fire, all
  • … clear all filters and such

it could be a great addition instead of just shifting the rooster’s order.

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I was thinking more of the element you are choosing only appears on the scroll list, without heroes of different element on that list. Could be useful for players with long rosters.

Or a ‘setup mono team’ button. I like it!

This is the thread you want to vote:

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