Setting the best rare/epic/legendary teams for Avalon

For the first time I’m trying to compete :wink:

Wich heroes do you think are the “keys” for competition in the rare/epic/legendary categories?

Thanx for your help and tips :wink:…cross my fingers…and go with coffee and aspirins! :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


I’ll preface by saying that Avalon teams will be very similar to the recent Guardians ones as the reflect colour ISN’T red…

For Avalon, the reflect colour is BLUE

Across the board, mono red will likely be the top teams preference.

Following are EXAMPLES:

Personally I’ll be running

Costume Hawkmoon - Rudolph - Rudolph - Rudolph - Rudolph

Popular heroes will likely be:

  • Namahage
  • Squire Wabbit
  • Rudolph
  • Costume Hawkmoon

Popular hero team will be:

Boldtusk - Scarlett - sir Lancelot - falcon - Wilbur.

Colen will also be popular
Order may change a bit & some heroes may get swapped in/out & duplicated.

This event just gone saw a number of mono blue in the top tier which won’t happen this time… mono red again will probably be the norm.

Popular heroes include:

Boldtusk - Wilbur - Scarlett - Falcon - Azlar

Other high damage dealing ones include BK, GM, Elena etc…

Aim of the game is high tile damage.


I would focus on green hero stacks. Lots of blue mobs I believe in Avalon. I think lots of people use Tarlak and Evelyn for Legendary; I won’t since I don’t have them :nerd_face:


I will take my red teams to that one too. too weak on green, no tarlak, no evelyn, just a bunch of Hansels and Peters who might get a chance in certain epic stages. And i love the Queen for bosses! :star_struck:


So…mono-red or mono-green… :thinking:


3*: Bauchan, Costumed Hawkmoon, Rudolph, Namahage, Nashgar, 2 Jahangir
4*: Wilbur, Falcon, Costumed Boldtusk, Scarlett, Colen, Kelile
5*: Azlar+9, Marjana, Khagan, Mitsuko+13


3*: Shrubbear+6, Costumed Brienne, Belith, Menesseus, 2 Berden, Carver
4*: Buddy, Gadeirus, LJ, Costumed Mel+11, 2 Caedmon, Hansel
5*: Alberich+12, Kingston+14, 2 Elkanen, Horghall

Wu Kong+20, Miki


For rare, no question you should focus on the green. For epic and Legendary, it might be a more difficult choice since you have Wilbur and Falcon. You can surely complete the stages with either color, but you said want to compete. There are a couple stages with blue mobs only, so it’ll slow you down there if you use red mono, but your reds are superior for bosses and in general. I similarly have heroes for red friendly events, so I will only play to complete for Troop Token loot tier for Avalon.


I’m aiming to 1000/500/1000 Tiers this time…step by step :wink:

How to build the 3 Teams?

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Not much different heroes than i got and i made it to those ranks the last 3 events. Rare green looks good, would go Brienne+, Belith, Mnesseus, 2x Berden, i will stay red, since i have Hawkmoon2.0+18 and 4 Namahage at +18. For epic i have nearly the same ones too, using BT, Wilbur+19, Falcon, Scarlett, Gormek or Wu. Legendary you will have to gamble imo to get to top1000, 4 green or red + wu maybe, i might run Queen, Wilbur, BT, Falcon, wu/ranvir. No Tarlak/Evelyn like me, but top1000 should be possible. I use around 15 flasks each event, focus on forging axes/bombs and use timestop/tornado/big Mana(wu) for legendary, since all my wood goes into the axes and i never have dragon attacks. the 10 i earned last event are my life insurance for leg stages 13-15 if needed.


Very, very useful suggestions @vanZille :wink:…do you always kill the second waves with items?

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I dont know how some get so many items, i farm between events and use nothing but only get/forge about 150-200 axes and bombs in one months, so i run out of them pretty fast. It depends, i try to use them on first (after building a diamond) or second wave but still make mistakes, despite telling myself to be more patient. i always try to find out how many hits a namahage needs in various rare stages for taking out one and put in attack+ flag (hope you know what i mean) too if it makes sense. Feeding wu with mana in epic and leg helped me too to reach that ranks, even when out of damage battle items.

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For items you have my numbers :wink:

Yes, I understand your “Namahages Tactics”…only 1 for me: regreting to have fed away all my dupes :sob: :sweat…lesson learned _smile:


I think they are better than rudolph, their skill adds up big time and rudolphs minions take away precious time. Fed away some too before realizing their worth for event, use red ones in nearly every event beside grimforest.

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@vanZille is a much better player than I, and I only started competing this past guardians.

But from what I noticed, in epic/legendary, I don’t use items to kill second wave for 2 reasons:

  1. The reason to do so is to keep your combo average high; i.e you only play tiles once, maybe twice the entire stage. I can’t do that because my fire power is low, especially for the later stages when boss hp is really high. So it’s impossible to keep an average of say 4 combos throughout the entire stage.

Which means it’s kind of pointless to use that strategy.

  1. It’s better to set up the final boss wave with a good board and full mana on your heroes. You might not have the chance to do so if you killed 2nd wave mobs with items.

So my strategy:

I find that it’s better to use items on both first and second wave mobs, but only after bringing their hp down.

You use items especially when you have a good board, and playing out the board will overkill the remaining mobs; it’s better to kill off the first wave of mobs with items instead, and then use that board to severely damage the second wave (or use items to kill 2nd wave and save good board for boss)

Also, you use items when there are no fast ways you can kill a wave of mobs. For example, only the left side monster is left, but you’re going mono-green, and there are no green tiles on the left side of the board. So you either waste a bunch of time making useless combos, or you can use items to kill off that guy and move on to the next wave.

Basically, when I use items, I make sure my items can kill off that wave of mobs for sure. It’s really bad when you use items and then there’s a monster with like 50 hp left.

And also, it’s good to save some items for the boss stage, especially if you get a good run, that could really help save time and make for a good scoring stage.


cool thing about Namahage+ is that his barbarian skill can take those 50hp, but a rudolph-minion could too.
Dont think i am the better player @bobiscool, i just focus(ed) on leveling and items around those events, they are my favorite part of the game! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Was top 1000 and 500 last event, happy with results as it was my goal.

I m not confident with next avalon as top clutch boy is costumed gunnar in rare.

Maybe costumed brienne with 4 mnesseus or till Brienne with 4 namahage or brienne with 4 bane. All these teams might work.

On epic, wilbur is the boy, still not sure a red will do great on weak colour during minion waves.

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I don’t think this is going to be the case for Rare again.

Costumes have been recently introduced and in Rare, we’ve got Brienne’s jungle fury skill that basically makes her a mini-Athena.

Mono-red will still be important for stages 13 and 15, but aside those, I predict that mono-green is going to dominate this event now – at least for Rare.

my teams

(Assuming I get Brienne costume, she will be used instead)

placements so far


Did not compete in Wonderland – got busy that weekend


Nice @DaveCozy! And wich Team for Epic? :wink:

I don’t compete in Epic, since I prefer to use all my axes in Rare. Items are expensive to craft but important for killing bosses quickly with the least amount of moves made.

I’ve seen Wilbur, G. Falcon, Scarlett dupes, Lancelot and sometimes Kelile / Colen on epic though for mono red.

For mono green I’ve seen Buddy, Jack O’Hare dupes, and sometimes Little John.

Also I have seen Wu Kong join a 4-1 stack.

EDIT: circling back to Rare, Hisan is better than either Mnesseus or Berden. However, also a rare hero to get since he’s seasonal exclusive – that’s why use the Merman and the Archer :wink:


Guys can you help me to decide wich team will suit better for legendary? Im not having any problem with first ten levels of epics. I would be able to finish it , i hope even if i not use items .

For legendary im afraid i will need to use items, anyways .
Here the teams and combinations depending on mobs and bosses.

@DaveCozy @Yayo @Guvnor

Thanks in advance !

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For completing the event, I’d recommend bringing Boldtusk, Gormek, Proteus, Little John, and Li Xiu for the final stage.

Proteus, Little John, and Li Xiu combined can keep the bosses from using their skills for a long time, even indefinitely. You will be lacking in firepower though, so be very patient and take your time coordinating your hero skills – mana potions and tornadoes are a good idea to bring.


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