Setting my defense

Hi everyone,

I’m a newish player of about 4 months. Cheap to play - I get VIP monthly and the special deals on gems if I need for a pull. I’m a member of a nice alliance and hit all titans and wars.

It’s been a steep learning curve but these forums have really been a great help to me. I recently pulled my first 5 star : Inari, but a long way from leveling her.

I would like to set a decent defence and would love some input from you guys. I have mats to level 4 stars if needed but not sure yet which to focus on.

Here is my roster:

I’m using the top row for my defence but am aware it could be better. Especially wanting to get Kashhrek involved.

Please could you have a look and suggest a defence team and order.

And while you’re reading, thanks to all for a great forum. I love the advice and sometimes the heated drama.

Be well.

I’d suggest focusing on one hero at a time…I see you have many heroes half way (even duplicates)…don’t do that… focus on one only. Raise Kashhrek asap. give grimm and boldtusk some love and you are set.

Thank you. I’ve been trying raise heroes somewhat across the board to get half decent war lineup. I will definitely be focusing on Kashhrek as I feel he belongs in my defense team.

Any thoughts on what a good defense line up and order (left to right) might be? I’m in no rush but now that I’m in lower platinum consistently I’d like to stop the drain of cups if I can.

Tiburtus Kiril Kashhrek Grimm Boldtusk…

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Thanks DoS for that and taking the time to respond.

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No problem :slight_smile:

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For now:
With Kashrek:

@DoS I’m interested why you use 3 healers in defence team? It’s gonna be to easy to kill IMO.

I think about something like:


That’s three healers who don’t have direct attack BT, Kash Kiril with Kiril and BT redundant attack buff.

I’d do Hansel kiril kashrek tibs Chao. Not rainbow but two fast snipers on wing, attack and defense buffs, kashrek then tib defense down.

Insert Inari for Chao once she is 4/30

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