Set up mono- 3-2 or 3-1-1

I played less 2 years the game. I always played mono but now has much overpowerd heros and its more difficult to win. I think change set up for 3-2 but i thinking example afrike rush war how kill him without mono. Xnopold how kill him without fire. Tell me opinions please example. 3-2 must have 2 healers or not. Must have snipers. How fix team for 3-2. If anyone know please help. My mono teams always have 4 fast players and one slow or average.

I have mostly played 3-1-1. I try to have a heal or support in at least two colours. I find having that extra survivability and being able to work with 3 different colours lets me use more average speed and slower heroes than I normally would.

As an example the 1,1 typically for me is Gazelle and LotL as things stand currently depending on the opponent one of them may become part of the 3 and I’ll bring in some other form of support/heal potentially an Anzogh or Viscaro

I typically raid and war attack with 3/2. I aim to have a healer and then tailor the rest based on who I’m attacking (minion heavy? fiends? revivers? buff heavy?). So I don’t have fixed teams, but have blocks of 2 or 3 heroes that I usually pair since they play well together and then match blocks as needed to make a full team. Green block is Alby, Evelyn, Quenell. Yellow block is Lindenbrock, C Joon and Sif. Blue block is Krampus and Quintin. You get the idea.



Could be me rationalizing, here’s my thoughts. This relates to being competitive, not using an atom bomb to blow out a tree stump.

Troops - cheaper to “build” a set of 3 than 5. And you’ll need decent troops.

Hero specials - diverse hero specials that either work well together or provide unique, stand-alone benefits.

I think your question is either too specific or not specific enough :slight_smile:

The number of helaers depends a lot on what team you are playing, but 1-3 would be the most common numbers I think.

What you really want is heroes that work well together.
One example is to put a stack of 3 heroes in one colour together that deal a lot of damage, 1 elemetal defense down, one def down and one heavy hitter (preferably all same speed and same number of targets), then you use the other 2 heroes to keep the 3 alive in case you don´t get the strong colour, that can be 2 heroes of one other colour (like Proteus/Rigard or Hansel/Melendor etc) for a 3-2 or you just pick any heroes that support your 3 from two different colours, like healers for a 3-1-1.
Obviously if you have tons of 5star heroes you can bring stronger supporters. But I find 4 star heroes do the trick nicely to stretch the good 5ers over all 6 war teams…

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