Set costume specifically

I don’t know if there has already been or is such a topic. But I’m extremely bothered that I can’t “pin down” my costumes. In my defense I would like to have a hero with a costume. But in the attack I would like to fight without the costume. I have to change all the time and it often happens that I don’t think about it for a moment and then fight with the wrong hero or costume.

I think there should be a way to set this. The solution can’t be that I train the hero twice and equip him with emblems twice.

U can enable a costume or not. The costumed version will have the same amount of emblems once lvld but will be a different class

I hate it when I’m leveling a hero. Obviously I want to level the part that needs leveling but I want to use the leveled version it’s an annoying few extra clicks.

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