Seshat was supposed to die, but she remained alive! What is it like?

I have long wanted to talk about this bug …
In raids or war, I had a situation many times: I attacked an enemy who had Seshat among the heroes, and my hero Azlar strikes with magic, after which Zekhat has 18 health points left, and she should lose 67 health points per turn .
But here Seshat strikes with magic, she has a servant, and then the wonders of Finnish mathematics begin: Seshat does not lose a single health point !!! She was supposed to die on the next turn from my Azlar burns, but she remained alive, without losing a single health point, and continued to fight !!!

Let me remind you the characteristics of the hero:
Skill: Arcane Arrow

  • Deals 400% damage to the target;
  • Summons a Servant of the Replicator with 18% health and 15% attack. He clones himself every 3 turns;
  • Removes power from the target and nearby enemies;
  • Elemental Link gives + 4% to mana regeneration for all heroes of Darkness for 4 turns. Cannot be blocked.
    Property: Resistance to direct mana reduction, for example, from Guinevere or Mitsuko.

I draw your attention to: the description does not say anywhere that the Replicator’s servant protects the hero from losing points from burns, poisoning, water, etc. !!!
I have only two explanations for this: either in Finland there is simply trouble with mathematics, and therefore they have 18-67 = 18, or these are the next “Easter eggs” from the developers: nothing is said in the description, guess for yourself!
And do not tell me that “it should be so!” If this is so, then in the description of the hero this would be said! For example, in the description of the hero Little Red Riding Hood says that the minion protects against loss of mana.

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Sorry @Linuxoid but you may need to rename the hero as Seshat. I’m assuming you’re translating from another language??

Minions take any damage as priority… Regardless of the source of said damage.

It is the same for any and every minion…


Minion vs DoT discussion

I had to look it up, there is a thread about it.


All of the things in the other comments, but also, the end of the turn is after the defense plays, not after your turn.

That means Azlar’s burn is not applied until after your opponent has their turn. With your tile damage you charged Sheshat, and in turn she spawned a minion that took the burn damage from Azlar.

And where is it written in the characteristics of the hero?

It’s inherent to the game build.

Minions act as “bonus health”. Health is removed from the top down.


Yep. That’s another reason why many consider the Queen of Hearts to be OP. If it’s her verses a group of passive healers on your offense, you’re screwed. You won’t beat her with tiles.

And how should I guess about it, if this is not in the characteristics of the hero?

By watching, learning and asking (like you have) if you’re unsure :slight_smile:


It’s common sense. Minions act as shields like pawns on a Chess board. It makes sense that they would protect their owner. That’s what minions do.

I noticed that every bug that I describe is always answered the same thing: it should be! But if this is not in the description, then it should not be so! This is the rule of ANY software!

“It’s common sense. Minions act as shields like pawns on a Chess board. It makes sense that they would protect their owner. That’s what minions do.”
If this is “common sense”, then according to your logic, minions should protect against stones falling into the opponent’s hero, which means that the opponent’s hero should not gain mana when stones hit him, if he has a minion. However, for some reason, an opponent of Telluria with a minion who has slow mana gains mana 10 times faster than my Gravedigger with very fast mana! And where is the “common sense”?
In addition, do not forget that Azlar burned BEFORE Seshat called the minion!

As I mentioned above:

The turn end is not after you play. The end of the turn for the language on the cards is after the defense has played. This may not be how you want it to be, but it is how it was designed.

Don’t be obtuse. You shouldn’t need every detail in the description of a hero to see the obvious. Players don’t have time nor should they have to wade through a novel of hero details to get every little aspect about that hero.

Also, there’s no such hero called “Gravedigger.”

But there is a Monster Truck with that name.


But It is in the description. The minion gets 18% of the casters health. So until that 18% is gone seshat doesn’t lose any health. Its simple math in any language so no need to be rude to the finns. I can sit here and make fun of you for not knowing how to write in English but where will that get us?
Minions don’t take in mana so the mana accumulated from the hit goes to the hero it protects.
And as said the burn happens at the end of the defending heroes turn, seshat got hit, charged, used her special, cast a minion, minion took the burn. Seshat wasn’t affected.

  1. Sorry, my telepathic friends went on vacation, and before leaving, they forgot to tell me that they once again “conceived” and “invented” Finns!
    You won’t believe it, but I once had players in the alliance who had played for a long time, reached a level of more than 50, but didn’t understand why an opponent gains mana faster than your heroes during an attack, why does Lianna damage you 800 points, and the opponent’s - 1200, although the parameters of both heroes and units are almost the same! And many similar questions! And this is not in the description anywhere! And they did not have telepathic friends!

  2. I do not know English, my native language is Russian, so I use translation programs. And how well they translate, I can’t evaluate!
    In my Russian version of the game, the hero is called “Могильщик”, in English - several options for translating his name: “Gravedigger”, “Gravemaker” or “Undertaker”, and I don’t know which one is right!
    I can also write such a thing for you in Russian that even a human translator will not be able to translate it for you! Example: ИТИТЬ КАК ЖМЫХНУЛО БРАТАН! Any Russian will understand this phrase, and will laugh for a long time when they try to translate it into another language!
    Russian is one of the most difficult languages ​​in the world, as are Chinese and Arabic!

P.S.: Do you want another laugh? In the Russian version of the game, Valhalla’s boss “Ancient Elk” in the Russian version of the game was first called “Первобытная мышь”, in English this translates as “Primeval Mouse”. It turns out interesting: a mouse 2 meters high, with hooves and horns. Funny isn’t it?

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