Seshat vs kingston. Whom would you take to a lonely island?

I was lucky enough to get both…

But somehow Kingston maxed plus three didn’t click for me yet…

I find my self thinking should I take elkhanan(not really…) Melendor ,or Hansel for a fight.

It never happens to me with seshat. She is just so superb…

What do you think? Is Kingston overrated?


Not so complete…
What you bring for raid for example with Kingston, what 4 other heroes?
Do you play 3-2 stack or mono or?

Usaly 4 1 or 3 2

I can make green line with Hansel melendor kingston and maybe Margaret caedmon or another Hansel

But I don’t know why… he is not so… I don’t know the word… exxiting?

Kingston and Seshat are both EXTREMELY good heroes.

Kingston, if fired alone at a full health hero, lets you injure them, and make their next attack nearly inconsequential - hit with Kingston against the enemy’s most dangerous hitter left, OR the one closest to firing, then immediately follow up with tiles INTO that hero, forcing them to fire for half damage… What a great way to make Lianna and Kage very manageable.


Sounds more like a problem with expectations. What were you expecting?

Also why do you find Seshat more exciting than Kingston?


Well somehow, not being a big spender, I’ve pulled EVERY single HotM since Frida. Usually I’ve received multiples of them…except Seshat!!! How could RNGesus do this to me???

But to answer your question. It depends on what would benefit your existing the roster the most right now? Do you need a nature sniper or a dark sniper with minions. I’ve leveled the King to 4/32 so far and he’s a beast, easily one of my favorite new hero’s. But I’ve also had problems with Seshat when she gets going. Since you’ll eventually maxed both as the AM’s become available, what do YOU need the most?

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I can answer this. Seshat is one hero army; Kingston is not. Don’t get me wrong, you remember how I almost died pulling him, so happy I was (and I am). In my opinion is the best flank in the game and one hell of attacker, but still is not a game changer. Seshat is. Only this tournament she stand alone twice against 3 heroes once and 2 heroes in my last fight. And my opponents were only 4400-4500+ Seshat once activated can “eat” so many slash attacks and specials more than any other hero in this game. So yeah, I also find her more exciting. Many times I can’t believe my eyes how one single hero wins some battles which would have been lost with any other hero instead her :slightly_smiling_face:


I think with certain buffs/debuffs like attack down, it’s easy to miss how much of a benefit you get from them. Like say Kingston hits an AOE enemy with -attack, that enemy fires a turn or two later and damages your team, but your healer stays alive and heals everyone, and you go on to win the raid. It’s easy to see that and feel like your healer won it for you, without realizing that your healer would have been dead if Kingston didn’t apply his -ATK in the first place.


Both heros are excellent but Seshat is top dog. Her minions are so good. They are like bumpers. They eat sniper shot. They can finish off oposite enemy. Or ressurected hero.
Plus her damage is significant and she dispells.

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I don’t have Kingston, only Seshat. But I agree, Seshat’s minions make a great difference.

Mine has taken down up to 3 enemy heroes on her own before - especially when the enemy heroes are not major damage dealers (she once beat an opposing Kadilen, Leonidas and Rigard by herself because neither their slash attacks nor their specials could break through her minions, while I ghosted tiles and sniped them down one by one).

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Yessss! Exactly…

I love my Seshat, she’s my favorite hero. Guin can’t take her mana, she dispells buffs and the minions are great. Army of undead! But Kingston is great too! I don’t even have tonics to ascend him, he’s at 3/70 but even at 3/70, with his attack debuff he can survive a hit from a 14* titan. That’s insane!! His attack debuff is really really good!! When raiding, I like to use Evelyn, Lianna and 3/70 Kingston sometimes. I just really like how his attack debuff lets you dump dead tiles into defenders and just not care when you charge the defenders mana.