Seshat special skills

Can someone test Seshat receiving riposte damage before her debuff please. I had Elena flanking BK, both specials were active, and it seems like Seshat didn’t take any damage before her debuff when she hit BK. She did not have any active minions when she attacked. I may have missed something.


My guess is seshat was emblemed if that the case her ranger talanets prob bypassed riposte.


Seshat is a ranger. Maybe she trespassed the counterattack.

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Another thing that could have happened is that BK dropped Seshat’s damage to 1. In that case, Elena’s counterattack was pretty much useless.

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Sorry for a bit off topic post but it would be so great to kill BK some day with Just a flesh wound.


No. That’s not how BK and Elena work.

The Counterattack is for the full amount. Regardless of flesh wound :slight_smile:


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