Seshat’s dispel did not dispel buffs after killing fighter class hero (Elena) that revived

I was in a raid tourney match, and was facing Elena.

Elena fires her riposte special, and it was active.

I targeted Elena and fired Seshat’s special. The damage was sufficient to kill Elena. Elena was emblemed, and revived. However, Seshat did not dispel the buffs that were on Elena, causing her to revive worth the buffs active.

I believe this must have something to do with the fighter class revive mechanic. However, Elena’s buffs should have been dispelled by Seshat.

Here is a screenshot of Elena in ghost mode about to revive, with the buffs still active. Seshat #1 (the one with no mana) had just fired to kill Elena.

The reason is the “order of effects”

Seshat’s special skill runs in the order written. 1) Deals damage 2) dispells buffs 3) summons minions.

This is also the order in which it executes. Revive talent triggers (or processes rather) the instant of death. So what happens to the total order of effects is:

  1. Seshat deals damage to elena
  1. Damage KILLS Elena – Triggering the condition to conduct the “revive” roll
  1. Elena Revives (and thus goes into ghost mode)
  1. Seshat then dispells buffs from Target & nearby… Unfortunately because Elena is in GHOST mode, she cannot be affected by the dispell.
  1. Seshat summons Skeleton Minion

Essentially the reason is because Revive will trigger the instant that the hero dies… meaning, in the above scenario, it triggers between the “deals damage” and “dispells buff” lines on Seshat’s special skill.

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Thanks, I knew about the specials running in order, but I thought it would run through Seshat’s entire special before testing for Elena’s revive. I guess not.

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