Seshat really is not OP?

I have Aegir as Tank, my defense usually keeps me around 2600 cups.
Cups gained mostly by killing other Aegirs with my Rigard/Evelyn/Gregorion/Lianna/Vivica death squad.

Aegir could pose some problems in a war due to hero’s shortage but I doubt that experienced players would lose to him so often in raids.

Seshat is strong, she is fast, hits as hard as Marjana and will dispel his target and nearby foes by doing so on top of gaining temporary health with her minion.
She increases mana genaration speed for all dark allies.
She is really packed with effects and she could have needed a less damaging special or an average mana speed.

But in the end she isn’t too strong, are the old heroes that are becoming too weak.


Yes, for me she was slightly OP, so i tried in my beta feedback to low her % attack special to reflect less the difference with another dark single target dispeller (Domitia).

My opinion was not so popular (on the other side quite ignored) because most of the people found her fine as she was and is.

So nope, not every beta tester was fine with her.


Just had a war against blue tank… 6 headshots on all aegir tanks…
He is always the last hero a try to kill… after the snipers are dead is just a matter of time until killing aegir and healers…
I ususally have more troubles with richard +7 than aegir +7…


I was thinking exactly along these lines. Early on (fall of 2017) everyone was moaning about how OP Alberich was. While they did nerf him a bit by turning down his mana-generation effect, mostly what they did was release a series of heroes that seemed well calculated to be Alberich-killers: Natalya, Zeline and Gravemaker. OK, Zeline doesn’t kill Alberich, but her fast mass dispel sure made him less relevant.

I have little doubt that the devs looked at their recently compiled data of best tanks, including the fraction of raids done against Guinevere, and realized that Guin tanks were just way too common. So they did as they had with Alberich and designed a hero tailored to the role of countering Guin. Hence, Seshat.

Or maybe Thoth and Domitia had a baby girl…


You can not be more shod (it’s not a mistake), I have all the tanks of the game except Gravemaker that is not, it’s just Op.

Marjana is very inferior in damage, a Marjana that at the start had 760 would be strong, but even lower. Kadge, of not having the limitation would be Op, but he has it. Seshat, with all that it entails, can only be average.

For what it’s worth… I go out of my way to target Aegir tanks.

He’s much better than he was… but he really isn’t the savior you make him out to be. In my opinion he can catch all my tiles while I charge my team. In other words, in my personal experience and opinion:
AEGIR < GUINEVERE all day, every day.

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I don’t think she’s OP after using her for about a week now. She’s a really good hotm which is what people want when they’re spending gems on summons. Is she a great counter to Guin tanks? Sure, but you don’t NEED her to do that.

Where she shines (or could be considered OP) is when she’s paired with her other fellow dark heroes. The combination of Panther and Seshat are 99% destructive provided you have decent boards.


She’s my only Dark sniper. I took her to 4/80 on Day one, emblem 6 on day 2 (07/02). She did level the playing field vs guin and brought her down to Earth a little… but OP? Nah. I still beat Guin with a Cheshire, Khiona,Panther,Bosswolf,Quintus team quite handily.


Like everything, it depends on your equipment, I look for Aegir because I have a hatter (and I do not always win), but among all the yellows, only Vivica I prefer to Geneva, except this one complicates me more than Geneva, is more Fame and what do not attack you so it is spoken to reality. Onatel or Delillah are very superior.



But even though I do not always win, I win 90-95% of the fights vs Aegir.
(Evelyn, Lianna, Hatter, Buddy, Gregorion)

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No, Marjana deals the same damage with her special even with her lower attack score.

While if you are talking about tiles/autoattack it’s obvious that more attack leads to higher damaging tiles/autoattacks.


It’s important to consider that there is a ton of competition among purple snipers. Sartana, Domitia, Khiona, Kageburado, and Victor all do similar amounts of damage to the primary target (+/- 50%). They only compete on their secondary abilities, some of which are stronger than Seshat’s. She’s a strong and multifaceted hero, but for everything she does, there is a different her who does it better. This means that she needs to be powerful to see much play.


Precisely Kerri, what you describe and that I do not doubt is true, is an insult both to the technical balance and to the users. I calculate in a million the players, of these do not reach a thousand the big spenders. Going to do Op, to do Op against Op and Op against, against Op reduces most users to comparsas and makes this a broken game.

Seshat isn’t breaking the game. Costumes will break the game.

But that’s a story for another topic.

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If they were used in all of them, but honestly those that can be are very loose, they will not even become very good.

Now we miss the definition of low and moderate spenders. Lets say low is a max of 5€/month and moderate is max 20€/month. You need a lot luck to get hotm’s with this budget…

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That’s still a fancy set of dark heroes, one should hope that you wrecked guin’s smug mug.

As someone raiding against all the Guins, kages and friends in diamond it’s boring. Borrrrrring.

Not only that it feels like I’m often bringing knives to a gunfight, but it’s also so same same same. (That’s the best part of raid tournaments, seeing something different!) if seshat were actually going to change the predominance of certain hero comps that would be nice. But I doubt it.

Also, cane toads didn’t exactly solve the cane beetle problem. Guin will still be a pest, seshat may just be annoying as well :wink:



If I had none of those, I would take Tiburtus, Ameonna, Merlin, Merlin, Gafar.

I dont have Seshat but i’ve seen some vids… she doesnt look that OP as said here…
Actually i don’t really think theres none OP hero…

Unless you are just resuming the game for raids… if for you the game is just about raiding… then yes there are some OP heroes and some UP heroes

But for me the game is much more about all other things… many of thoose OP some ppl talked about don’t have place in my titan or event teams… so are they underpowered when compared with the others i take?

The game has so many features… saying one hero is overpowerd just based in one specific feature is unfair…


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