Seshat really is not OP?

I am not trying to be dismissive of your reasons, I just find them hard to understand due to the language barrier, except for this part.

You can calculate raw damage output easily by multiplying attack stat X special skill modifier %
Lianna, Kageburado, Joon, Alasie, Poseidon, Magni, Gregorian, Arthur, Alice, Sartana and Marjana, in that order, all outrank her for single target damage, the majority of whom are also fast mana, and many of whom also posess excellent passive skills (arguably all of them do except Lianna, Sartana and Marjana) . It is not hidden from anyone, nor a matter of opinion, the numbers are there to see.
Lepus and Thorne, their main target damage + minor nearby damage also output higher raw damage.
The only single shot legendary heroes with weaker damage than Seshat are Leonidas, Domitia, Perseus and Khiona.

760 base attack is good, but far from the best, among dark heroes alone.
683 defence is some way below average
1345 health is also below average, but hinges on the caveat that minions can essentially put her at 2k+ health which is formidable. Attack minions however are a little archaic and especially on one hero they still pose little more than a tiny threat to opponents, they are essentially just an extension of health, a faux heal.

Domitia is an unfortunate hero, she added too little too late to the TC20 roster, and many have begged and pleaded for her to be made relevant, but claiming Seshat is broken just because you compare her to Domitia is not enough.


Agreed 20 characters

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I would love to see a few videos of you dumping lots empty tiles into Guin and then winning easily. Since you find her an easy tank for bad boards, I would very much enjoy watching your technique so I can learn what makes you successful when she repeatedly cuts mana and heals.

Aegir means you don’t have to waste a strong color team. When resources falter, Aegir tanks are the ones I hit with what I have left.


The thing you seem to be forgetting is that everyone in beta knows they will have to face a hero in battle once it hits production.

No one wants broken or OP heroes out there, because no one enjoys having to fight against broken or OP heroes. Having Seshat in your roster wouldn’t make her easier to fight if she were a badly broken hero.

If anything, the logical thing for people in beta to do if they were just being self-interested would be to try to get every new hero nerfed hard. Kerrodoc’s and Mantis’ rosters are way better than mine. If no more good heroes were ever released, they would have a static, durable advantage, and could save a lot of money too.


I agree with @Garanwyn on seeing video.
Please believe I’m not doubting what you say, I’m just interested in seeing if you have discovered something others have not. I truly believe every hero has a purpose, and we as gamers just need to find it. We all know heros are at their best maxed and very few are willing to take the chance on heros with such a grind to get AM.

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I’m going to say this more for everyone else than the OP simply because it seems like OP is not inclined to listen, and the language barrier doesn’t help. I dunno. Making assumptions and rolling with it I guess.

I just recently pulled a Seshat, but given she’s still a baby (1/22ish), I don’t have much practical experience at this time, nor does most anyone who is lucky enough to have her at all. So a lot of what I’m basing my argument on is grounded in what others have said or speculated about and my own experience with my “ultra rare HOTM” that I’ve been lucky to pull, in my case Frida, Ares, Guardian Panther (not a HOTM but you get my drift), and recently Ranvir.

A HOTM, while strong, does not automatically make you win.

I don’t recall what I was thinking, but I probably fell into the same trap as others do in this game and other things in life: “If I can only get X, then it’ll solve ALL my problems!”

This is not how this game works. Having a strong and diverse bench and the skill to wield it effectively will take you further than slamming down a walletful of gems and auto piloting the board. You need a team that can field diverse situations.

Frida is strong. Ares is strong, Panther is strong, and Seshat is strong… but not by themselves. Frida needs a strong blue support structure or else she’s a slightly squishier Richard who does an area dispel… and that’s it. Ares is really strong… if he has buddies who can actually hit worth a darn. If you flank him with Wilbur and Boldtusk, neither of whom are known as hitters, you’ll just be sad. TRUST ME ON THIS. Panther is strong… but without any purple hitters to follow up, she’s like the aforementioned Frida but worse because she’s made of paper and will crumple at the first glance. I made a thread asking all about this in fact: “Am I crazy or is Panther kinda meh?”

With all that in mind, Seshat is a silver bullet specifically designed for one purpose (as far as I can tell): to kill Guinevere. Multiple attempts at this have been tried and (from what I understand) none of them have stuck (see Cheshire Cat). She is NOT designed to be your bread-and-butter, average C2P sandwich who will be taken in a lot of situations, though she can be. Without Guinevere in the mix, Seshat is an above average, if only just, sniper who can do an area dispel. Whopdee doo. Having had a bunch of those, lemme tell you I’d rather have a Melendor or Sabina because they don’t have to punch a Boril in the face to dispel. The minions are nice, but she’ll crumple like a house of cards to a yellow stack, and others have reported that without the minions, she’s still quite squishy. Seshat is built for the spenders to be used by the spenders, and if you don’t intend to rank in diamond raids or place in events, you’ll live without having one on your bench. There are other dark heroes who might be more specialized but are better at specific roles than Seshat. Sartana for instance.

Seshat is fine. Is she great? Who knows. Is she going to automatically take you to top 100 diamond and place in events? Not by herself, and maybe not at all. Seshat is not a swiss army knife that will fix all your problems, and depending on your bench and what you want out of this game, that might not be what you need anyway.

Anyway, /rantover, that’s my two gems.


I feel like this thread is mostly just frustration with them bringing out another counter for your tank … don’t worry, my GM and Santa aren’t excited about Ariel, Yunan is about to be sad about Nadnog and so forth and so on, they sell you a problem, then they sell you an answer and the cycle continues to repeat for repeated spending. Seshat by herself isn’t that much better then Domitia with a level 23 mana troop honestly (yes, better still, but not scary better). There isn’t a tank out there that Zero, UCLA or any top payer/player can’t beat 9 out of 10 times, in raids, given semi cooperative boards.


I have Aegir as Tank, my defense usually keeps me around 2600 cups.
Cups gained mostly by killing other Aegirs with my Rigard/Evelyn/Gregorion/Lianna/Vivica death squad.

Aegir could pose some problems in a war due to hero’s shortage but I doubt that experienced players would lose to him so often in raids.

Seshat is strong, she is fast, hits as hard as Marjana and will dispel his target and nearby foes by doing so on top of gaining temporary health with her minion.
She increases mana genaration speed for all dark allies.
She is really packed with effects and she could have needed a less damaging special or an average mana speed.

But in the end she isn’t too strong, are the old heroes that are becoming too weak.


Yes, for me she was slightly OP, so i tried in my beta feedback to low her % attack special to reflect less the difference with another dark single target dispeller (Domitia).

My opinion was not so popular (on the other side quite ignored) because most of the people found her fine as she was and is.

So nope, not every beta tester was fine with her.


Just had a war against blue tank… 6 headshots on all aegir tanks…
He is always the last hero a try to kill… after the snipers are dead is just a matter of time until killing aegir and healers…
I ususally have more troubles with richard +7 than aegir +7…


I was thinking exactly along these lines. Early on (fall of 2017) everyone was moaning about how OP Alberich was. While they did nerf him a bit by turning down his mana-generation effect, mostly what they did was release a series of heroes that seemed well calculated to be Alberich-killers: Natalya, Zeline and Gravemaker. OK, Zeline doesn’t kill Alberich, but her fast mass dispel sure made him less relevant.

I have little doubt that the devs looked at their recently compiled data of best tanks, including the fraction of raids done against Guinevere, and realized that Guin tanks were just way too common. So they did as they had with Alberich and designed a hero tailored to the role of countering Guin. Hence, Seshat.

Or maybe Thoth and Domitia had a baby girl…


You can not be more shod (it’s not a mistake), I have all the tanks of the game except Gravemaker that is not, it’s just Op.

Marjana is very inferior in damage, a Marjana that at the start had 760 would be strong, but even lower. Kadge, of not having the limitation would be Op, but he has it. Seshat, with all that it entails, can only be average.

For what it’s worth… I go out of my way to target Aegir tanks.

He’s much better than he was… but he really isn’t the savior you make him out to be. In my opinion he can catch all my tiles while I charge my team. In other words, in my personal experience and opinion:
AEGIR < GUINEVERE all day, every day.

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I don’t think she’s OP after using her for about a week now. She’s a really good hotm which is what people want when they’re spending gems on summons. Is she a great counter to Guin tanks? Sure, but you don’t NEED her to do that.

Where she shines (or could be considered OP) is when she’s paired with her other fellow dark heroes. The combination of Panther and Seshat are 99% destructive provided you have decent boards.


She’s my only Dark sniper. I took her to 4/80 on Day one, emblem 6 on day 2 (07/02). She did level the playing field vs guin and brought her down to Earth a little… but OP? Nah. I still beat Guin with a Cheshire, Khiona,Panther,Bosswolf,Quintus team quite handily.


Like everything, it depends on your equipment, I look for Aegir because I have a hatter (and I do not always win), but among all the yellows, only Vivica I prefer to Geneva, except this one complicates me more than Geneva, is more Fame and what do not attack you so it is spoken to reality. Onatel or Delillah are very superior.



But even though I do not always win, I win 90-95% of the fights vs Aegir.
(Evelyn, Lianna, Hatter, Buddy, Gregorion)

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No, Marjana deals the same damage with her special even with her lower attack score.

While if you are talking about tiles/autoattack it’s obvious that more attack leads to higher damaging tiles/autoattacks.


It’s important to consider that there is a ton of competition among purple snipers. Sartana, Domitia, Khiona, Kageburado, and Victor all do similar amounts of damage to the primary target (+/- 50%). They only compete on their secondary abilities, some of which are stronger than Seshat’s. She’s a strong and multifaceted hero, but for everything she does, there is a different her who does it better. This means that she needs to be powerful to see much play.


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