Seshat really is not OP?

Really beta testers it seems normal to get a hero, with secondaries, with high numbers and exaggerated damage, without limitations like those of Kageburado, fast and with immunity to mana effects? I understand that 90 percent of you are spenders and you have it, but think of the community, think of the balance and the low and medium ftp and spenders. With GVM the balance is compromised, but with Seshat sunk, it is OP and not to mention with the 2 and with several. And what’s coming … a little man sanity and empathy

Seshat is is only Op when fighting targets that reduce your mana.
Otherwise whats so Op about her? The debuff? Zelyn does it better. Also Zelyn decreases attack of all targets.
The Minion? Meh.

Dear @Ber

You might have a valid point, but it’s possible to make it without more debunked criticism of beta testers.

Please stick to facts about heroes without the attacking a section of players that you can’t know either the spending habits or rosters.

Then I’d be much more interested in your ideas.


Almost every HotM has to be slightly better to make people summon a lot, even if their benches will get dupe-heavy.

Sesh isn’t more overpowered than all the other HotMs, but look what happens, if it wasn’t like Toth, Aegir and Margaret. People will start to complain about, since they expect HotMs to be well above usual.


You vent your frustration at wrong target. The beta tester already told SG that Seshat seems to be OP but SG release it without change nonetheless…


It’s been said over and over… Beta testers are just testers …send in their reports and reviews, they do not have authority to make any change, their suggestions remain suggestions.


In all fairness, beta testers did not report that she was OP. Feedback was she is very good, close to OP, but not quite; which is true.

Base stats are pretty average. Above average attack, below average defence.
She ranks 12th for single target damage output, nothing OP there. 14th if you count Lepus and Thornes combined damage.
Minions are easily dealt with. Minion on just one hero is not a threat, even with three active.
Dispel target and nearby, blah, plenty of heroes have that, or better in some cases.
Resistant to direct mana reduction, obviously we all know what/who that is targeted at. There aren’t that many direct mana reduction heroes, only 5 I think (excluding the two 3*s), and four of them are holy, why wouldn’t you offer a dark counter against them?

Some features that are nothing special on their own, combined to make a very good, but not overpowered hero. Have checked my watch tower almost every morning this month to see that my Guin definitely doesn’t fear her.

There are the unlucky few, but generally it is not particularly difficult for low or moderate spenders to acquire HOTMs. I think its the one instance in the game where drop rates are probably much higher than what is published on the portal. Seshat is not unbalanced enough to break any meta just by existing in a lot of players rosters, nor is she on some crazy pedestal of unobtainability like legendary Atlantis heroes seem to be for many players


F2P generally don’t get the HOTM’s. The drop rates are low enough for that. I’ve been playing for 17 full months now. I have 2 HOTM. The two times i actually saved up gems/EHT to try for a HOTM I did not get it. The two I got were from early in my playing days from single pulls. No HOTM now since Gregorion last July.

Beta testers do not determine HOTM stats. They test them and report the results. SGG then determines from the results (and from beta logs) if they see an imbalance or not.


Oh, come on… really?! Glad you told me, I should check my one year old roster, should find several HOTMs there then… wait, there are none… actually you are right… it’s not particularly difficult, it’s closer to impossible odds…


OT: @Ian487 I understand your frustration, but I tend to agree that hotm are the easiest 5* to come by. Which doesn’t mean that it’s easy in absolute numbers. I wish you good luck for the next one you want :hugs:

Wait, I’ll check my roster again… no… nope… no HOTM’s there after one year…:wink:

By the way, it’s not frustration, I’m doing perfectly fine without HOTM’s… it’s just facts…


LOL don’t you have TC20?


I feel you, friend. I have been playing for 9 months, and not one single HOTM. But hey, I am F2P so I am perfectly cool with it. I am doing just fine without those shining superstar heroes. After all, this is just a game that’s supposed to be enjoyable and relaxing.


Yes, C2P/F2P can get lucky and get some (I have) but I agree with you and nevarmaor (and probability) that it’s more likely that we don’t get them.

For people that don’t spend routinely, there’s the added layer of RNG for hero tokens (and gems). Personally, the last months have been very dry on EHT for me, aside from the guaranteed ones from events like grimforest (and that’s just one if you beat legendary). It’s been 4 or 5 elemental chests in a row now for me with no EHT.

I might get one from the raid tournament but probably won’t. I might get one from a titan chest, or a war chest, but I probably won’t. And when I do take my shiny token to the summoning portal, I probably won’t get the hotm. All in all, it’s a lot of probably won’ts.

Maybe MantisToboggan gets loads of EHT via loot and doesn’t see how it is for us plebs :smiley:


Trust this man, he’s a doctor

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Trust and believe they all aren’t shining superstar heros but I get your point​:joy::joy::joy:

Seshat isn’t OP, she’s a really good hero that can finally combat stupid Gwen. Gwen to me is OP.

Gwen is only Op for the mediocre, it is soft and, not far is the best tank, they have also taken out anti Gwen infinity. Seshat is Op if the slightest doubt, as is GV, and the biased look that there are with more attack, clear and limited damage or compare it with Zeline, great heroine of secondary, but very low damage or with heroes type Lianna, more damage , but nothing more and a defense and low life, is demagoguery. Seshat as much had to leave average, as much, it is OP yes or yes, but I imagine that it is the usual thing, all those who speak here have it and the balance does not matter a cucumber.

Op for the mediocre? Lol then most ppl are mediocre because Gwen is one of the most used tanks for a reason…


And eye, I’m doing multiple tests, In Defense, when it’s an attack hero, a GVM or two and a Seshat or two you do not lose even with a bad board.