Seshat or Grimble

Ascend second Seshat or Grimble?

Second seshat

Cant have too many

Seshat, Id say…

2020 Seshats

Thx all for your support. I will take your advice into my consideration.

Don’t have either but I would definitely say Seshat

Grimble not even a option :smiley: seshat 4Ever

Another vote for Seshat here.

I would say Grimble is the most useless 5* in the game. Not among hotm! Among all legendaries. There is only a situation where this hero may be used and even in that one, it’s no guarantee he could be useful at all. Another crappy hero released by poor minds in absence of a decent idea…

I would choose even Quintus over Grimble, I swear :joy:

I think Grimble is currently too niche to matter. Depending on future heroes and their relevance, that may change (so keep him in case it does) – but right now he exists to solve a problem that is very uncommon.

Ergo I’d go with another Seshat.

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I think since Telluria was released a maxed Grimble could be invaluable. Once she’s sprayed those pesky minions everywhere she’s a nightmare. Now rip through them all and expose that nuisance cat! Just a thought.

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