Seshat not dispelling buffs

I was attacking Cyprian with Seshat and the counterattack buff was not dispelled by Seshat

Two things:

  1. Do you have screenshots? Or some more details/ sequence of events/ your team / their team?

  2. Was there an inaccuracy debuff active? A blind, Wu Kong or Ranvir can all cause the dispells to miss.


Same case. I atack rigard with chao and rigard don’t lose mana

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It doesn’t sound like quite the same case.

What I’d guess happened in your instance was that Rigard was emblemed. His talent when emblemed is “mana-shield”. This is where the hero has a chance to negate/ignore negative mana effects such as mana control, mana steal and mana cut.

This means that Rigard and all other clerics have a chance (when emblemed) to resist heroes like Chao, Guin, Onatel, Proteus, Hel and Li Xiu


Possible reasons

Sesh is blinded by Joon or similar
Sesh has missed due to Wu or similar
Cyp has dodged due to inari or similar
Cyp is protected by bk or taunt or similar

Could any of these be possible?

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Rigard is in the cleric class, which, when emblemmed, provides a skill that has a chance of preventing special effects from special skills. When Chao doesn’t remove mana, it’s because the skill was triggered.

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