Seshat – New July 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): First Thoughts & Discussion

Didn’t Atlantis end before Seshat was available? That could be an important reason why you didn’t draw her…

Just used 36 EHTs and no Seshat for me…will wait for this month’s Atlantis.

She is BRILLIANT and will be devastating.

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Wanted her the First time i,ve seen her.
Saved up 3.000 dias 1.000 coins and 3 tokens…
Thought i would need many trys like always…

Used 3 tokens and got her 2 Times;) never had that much luck…


What is SG 's infatuation with giving “heroes” arrows?

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Can I ask

Do 2 elemental links from same hero stack?
For eg
If I fire 2 seshats
Will I get 8% mana regen?

I have never pulled the hotm so I hated myself for giving in and doing a 10 pull, well **** me…


Nope, only different elemental links stack so if you fire Kunchen and Seshat they both will have two elemental links - +4% mana regen from Seshat and +47% def against yellow from Kunchen.
But same elemental links don’t stack.

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Ah I see.
20 no stack

Seshat in action at level 80


Save 28 with a lot of effort and affection. Nothing at all, I automatically went to my Google Play account to unlink the card. I finish the expense completely. The dark heroes dodge me, I have the gems that I have saved that I will use in the event and if not goodbye seshat

Super mingau :smile:

@Bruno82 (tá aí acima)

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My first impressions and preliminary grades on Seshat.

Thank you for ur answer

9 tokens, no seshat… so no luck here

Cost only 5 EHT’s :blush:
So I saved my tokens for the next time. Decided not to pull for SE heroes. Dont play with the casino. Enough materiał to level up (•‿•)


Decided to spend 12 of my 27 tokens. On token number 12…

Loaded with dark heroes. Only my 3rd HOTM joining Frida and Margaret though I did get Hel in Atlantis.

And super excited she is a ranger as Buddy the Elf is almost maxed with emblems!


#love is all I can say…


Toth was the cruelest joke ever… SG Is just giggling

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Am I ever glad i saved my money instead of pulling for Guin. (Have Delilla so probably wasn’t any great foresight on my part tbh). Seshat is probably going to change a lot of defences up because now Guins punishing nobody on a less then stellar board. I find most interesting her link of mana gen which will help when color stacking ( most of us don’t have fully leveled second and third troops) even more against Guin. Cage/Hel plus Seshat should be all you need.

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Congratulations @IvyTheTerrible. I had a similar strategy to you, albeit on a smaller scale as I only had 9 EHT’s saved.
But had amazing luck and pulled Seshat on the 3rd EHT I used in Sand Empire summons.
Like you - trying to decide whether to keep the remaining 6 EHTs for later months. I probably will save them.

I have the tabards as I have been deliberately holding Domitia at 3/70, hoping for this outcome.
Result! I love it when a plan comes together.



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