Seshat – New July 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): First Thoughts & Discussion

Guin, be humble! (some time in the future :upside_down_face:)


who can popup a full gif of her? thx :smiley: looks cool

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Like a full figure?


Had 8 EHT I was saving for the sand empire… Got ranvir during Atlantis so patently waited until July… Duplicate kashrek and all standard 3* heros but the last token gave me Seshat… So far she looks like I’ll like her a lot… She’ll get powered right after Ursena reaches 3.70 (at 3.36).

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Me wanty very, very badly!!! Is there an E&P god to which I can offer a sacrifice?


She looks gorgeous. Hopefully I’ll get her next Atlantis when I do all my summons

@HarryDeB As long as I don’t pay for the tattoo. Can I get it in Comic Sans to make it look it was made on a low budget? :joy:

@PapaHeavy But I didn’t want to add more vowels, I just wanted that vowel out. Should I really pay for… uhm… extra vowel movements?

Sry, couldn’t resist lol :sweat_smile:


yes it is , sacrifice your $$$


Imo, she’s the best purple hero so far. Faster than Hel, much greater special skill than Kage (counting the innate ability too).


Yup, she seems to be a great one. Anyway, got absolutly none 5* purple… My 16 tabards are waiting…

I have a question tho. Could someone explain this « generates a clone of itself every 3 turns » please ?

How does that work ? If the minion doesn’t die, an other one comes every 3 turns & makes it 2 minions, then 3 ? Even if the minion dies, he comes back every 3 turns ? How does it work ?

Thank you !

I really hope my luck with pulling 5 Ranvirs last month holds through this month! Really hoping to add Seshat to my team!

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got her on my first pull with a EHT , where do i fit her in? when you have kihona, kage , Santana and panther.

:joy::joy::joy: that was a thing of beauty @SirGorash!! Well done Sir!!

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I just tried it out farming; if first minion doesn’t die, another one pops up. I got to three before end of level.


Seshat Summoned

I’ve been planning for this basically since I read about her in the ‘useless’ beta thread. :stuck_out_tongue: All resources are ready: EHT’s, feeders, food, and AM. Got her - took 34 of my stack of 45 EHT. I was hoping to also pick up Rana, and am now debating if I should splash out the other 11, or begin again stacking them up (with a likely target of Kingston during the Halloween event).

Seshat Usage

I did a calculation after AR and realized I have the resources to power level Seshat - twice over. But the longer I thought about it, the more the inefficiency of resources galled me, so I’ve decided to ease off the gavage. I’m still going to do some - I think it’ll take about a week to max her. I waited for a month and a half. I can wait another ~7 days.

She will immediately go into my defense when maxed, replacing a heavily emblemed Proteus. I may also shuffle my defense at that time. Currently it is Mother North, Proteus, Boldtusk, Onatel, Caedmon (all four stars are heavily emblemed). I may shift to some lineup including Mother North, Onatel, Seshat, Aegir, and Mitsuko (that’s not a left to right aligned order, just a list) - Mother North and Mistuko have emblems, Aegir is ready for them and I have a ton (just debating one last time), and I may start embleming Onatel and Seshat, since Proteus and Buddy are (I think) as far as I want to go with them).


Did you luck out? I hope you did.

Can you edify me by posting the formula you’re using for chance of summoning? I’ve been assuming it is (1-s)^n, where s is the chance of summoning and n is the number of attempts. In the Seshat preview thread I mentioned that, with the (at the time) 42 EHT’s I had, I was still less than a coin flip. You said I was slightly better. Using the formula I wrote above, I’d have a 57.7% chance of NOT getting her. What am I doing wrong?


Congratulations @IvyTheTerrible!!! That’s awesome!! I bet you will put her to good use!! :wink:


That seems quite right roughly.

Every pull you just have 1 percent to get her. So the chance you haven’t got her after 50 pulls gets slighter and slighter. But since e&p don’t do pulls where the chance gets bigger it is possible you haven’t pulled her after 1.000 pulls. Though that chance is very small but still there.

Ran out of food or else I’d have her max’d in my defense right now…

She has sat in 3rd tier now for hours.

That was fast!


16 EHT stored + 2 gems pulls hoping and no love for me from Seshat, Yunan or Rana.
Got 8 4* though, keeping Gafar, Chao, Kiril and Scarlet, so i can’t really complain
I don’t know how to feel :rofl:
Guess Thoth will see some mats :joy:
Have fun !

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Used my 24 tokens, no seshat, but using my 20 free atlantis ones I scooped up horghall, Athena and a telescope from the bonus chest…so no complaints.

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