Seshat – New July 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): First Thoughts & Discussion

She possibly is Toths sister…


Look, that’s just me last month when Ranvir came out.

I suggest you stop pulling now and regroup. You just got Rana! She’s awesome!

And Hisan! (I really wanted Hisan, and got one, so I’m happy I got what I wanted, but I usually don’t get anything I want in this game)

I’m usually the unluckiest puller on E&P. It’s random and the odds are slim.


the days of guin are over i guess… sould have wait a little longer anda maybe not give her the darts :rofl:

sesaht + kage …

  • Is she worth summoning for?

Yes! Look at those stats! Look at that mana cut resist (Hello, Guin!)

  • Would you use her on Defense? Offense? War? Quests/Events? Titans?

I would use her everywhere. The minions might help her defensively.

She’s my first 5* Dark, so much like all my good 5*, I expect her to be everywhere

  • Would you give Seshat Ranger emblems? Which Talent Grid path will you choose?

Too soon to tell, I’ll run her in different scenarios while maxing her.

Since the minions depend on her Attack and Health stats, it could be a path, but one would have to test how the first minion deployment helps her defense and survivabiloty/longevity

  • What do you think of her special?


  • What do you think of her character design?

AMAZING! I love how she looks, the color scheme is beautiful with the copper/red and gray-ish tones of skin and hair. Not fan of the laser eyes on heroes, but I guess after Ranvir’s blue eyes blinking at me, I’m ok with laser red for eyes. Lol

I do not like the sound of her animation, though. It kinda feels cheap compared to her amazing art and awesome stats/special. It’s not annoying, I’m just trying to find something I don’t love about her


lol i stole your luck , got her for 4 token only :heart:


Just pulled Seshat on my 2nd 10 pull … stoked!! I’ll use her everywhere… raid, Titan, defense. She smokes Domitia, and Lianna (sorry, I love Lianna when paired with Evelyn).

Art is great too!

She’ll make my purple Titan team for sure!!


I planned to use my 29 tokens today because i got Ranvir already, i got Seshat on the 2nd pull, she seems pretty good, she will get tabards for sure


51 monedas épicas y nada de nada

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Got her and will push the beast!


I would love to get her. My depth in purple is weak. I hope the stats will favour me and add another one from the dark side to bring balance in my roster.

Guins nightmare became true:
Hel Ursena Seshat :boom:



Can’t wait to test her…looks quite promising!


Used saved 18 tokens. No luck with sand heroes, got only both 3* (however have Gafar from previous year), but Seshat appeared too! My first 5* dispeller and my first hero with minions. Got Sartana last Atlantis so now have two purple snipers…


Power levelling asap. She is pretty


Gosh, you’re fast! :+1:

20 fast powerleveled Seshats


so sad to see everyone getting her but me.

just maxed out hisan (had 4 of him but am so mad i just whacked all into 1) & i still have excess 62 heros sitting outside my max holding capacity. so if i don’t go level another hero, i can’t do any quest either.

who should i do now?

Just quest and squint at the ignoring getting more heroes notifications lol

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after 7 pulls, about to give up & smash my hp, i finally got her !

Gunnar, balthazar, dawa, kellie, sabina, gan ju, hisan, boldtusk, Prisca, domitia (5*) , seshat ! (HOTM!)


20 aren’t everyone :wink:

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