Seshat – New July 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): First Thoughts & Discussion

What a weird pick-up line to get her number! :wink:

On topic: her minions are adorable and able to survive some attacks. Nice!


Really hope it didn’t come across creepy like that, certainly wasn’t my intention.

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So, she is either the child or wife of Thoth Amun.:sweat_smile:


Interesting 20000 charsss

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I’m very easy to find in every social media there is… just follow the nick :slight_smile:

Yes, please send me the vid!

I’ve seen worse over 2 decades online. If I was easily scared, I wouldn’t post my face everywhere.

I honestly didn’t think you meant it, but it does come across a bit like that. No worries :smile:

It was common to name children with parents names. We’re used to Juniors but what of mom’s being paid homage?

As for dauther-wives, it’s quite common in certain isolated communities. GoT’s Gilly anyone?


It would make sense. Domitia is the mother right?
So she inherited the minions gene from her « father » and the dispel one from her « mother »
So it makes sense that she is way stronger than them :joy:
SGG thinks of everything :partying_face:


I think you guys better consider how your going to combat Shesat because being HOTM with Atlantis and all the opportunities to pull her this month your going to see some people get 3-4… or more of her. I will definately have 1 fully leveled and as many others I get 3/70 for wars.

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Domitia is a time traveling post apocalyptic assassin, who accidentally ended up in ancient Egypt and fell in love with Thoth-Amun, and thus Seshat was born :smiley:


So it…
In my language, its pronunciation means
misguided, perverted, lost soul, etc …

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My honest opinions with seshat. She feels like she’s guin counter first, everything second. As if her fast dispel 3 is already overkill for guin, she can resist mana cut. And a cherry to top it off element link mana gen. It’s just shows how obnoxiously designed she was. How op could you make a character?
Her existence basically made Thoth and domitia obsolete. You pull Thoth and domitia after seshat you might as well just feed both of them to her
I also see people here commenting that guin is going to go down so easily with their dark stack combos with seshat but it’s as if the dark stack against guin has never been done before. Or, on the other hand she could be more viable on rainbow teams against guin instead of the usual dark stack for more versatility so that’s a plus
But that plus doesn’t change the fact she’s obnoxiously designed. I’ll still try to pull for her because I am in need of 5* dark heroes but you get whatever the game gives you. Live with it.

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I find with Guin you have to stack. A lot of purples or what I commonly use is two purple and three off color with an elemental debuff to take her out. That works most times but if you get hesitant boards and Guin goes off it’s usually over. At higher tier raiding Guin is usually surrounded with some fast heroes and if you can’t take her out in three turns your usually too far behind and GM and Gage types are beating on you. With Seshat who won’t be effected by Guins bs she should be easily killed by average board or better now. I’m telling you Guins days are over when every top player grabs three of her for wars even if there only at 3/70.


Had saved 8 epic hero tokens. Skipped June’s HOTM because just wasn’t interested in a souped up Wu Kong. On third pull, I got her. She is going to be awesome with my Sartana, Hel, and Cunchen! But it’s going to be awhile before able to use her! My luck pulling hotms is fantastic…have everyone except June’s from January of this year! The RNG Gods love me and I am very happy.

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Plus Guin isn’t in the best emblem class for her build and a year from now when you see fully tiered 5* she will lose even more ground. I personally think for yellow tanks you’ll see a lot more Delilla because emblem class is better, minions benefit greatly from emblems and with crit troops her health will be high enough to survive hits.

@JonahTheBard do you claim paternity on this HOTM? Can we make a DNA test?

Will you pull for her now that you are in need of a new Legendary Ranger to replace your late Lianna?

Does it entice you the fact that she’s the creator of writing disguised as a dead archer?


Yeah that’s why I mentioned that with seshat you can be versatile in your team setup without relying on the dark stack. Guin would probably be regulated as flank in the future

It’s also strange since you mentioned about guin’s class. If I remembered she used to be paladin. Then suddenly she just changed to wizard.

Not sure flanks that good for her. It’s kinds why I bring the three off color to avoid her if purple tiles aren’t there. She needs to be hit to go off or she’s not effective at all.

Quite a bit of over reaction to her in this thread. She’s not as good as Kage. Not a chance. People are comparing her damage implying that it’s amazing, and they’d hate to meet her. But Sartana hits harder than Seshat does. No one is going around saying how much they fear Sartana. So I’m confused on that. I think what makes her better is the dispel. With a single minion up she becomes as durable as Sartana, but not before. So I have her ahead of Domitia and a smidgen ahead of Sartana, slightly behind Panther and behind Kage.

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Seshat is a souped up version of Domitia.

Don’t get me wrong, she is very good but not great to a point that I would chase after her.
To me, she is designed to be the anti-Guin hero since Victor still cant quite cut it with Guin having the purple protection.

Sartana - still the ultimate vanilla purple
Kage - dispel first and ultimate slash & very fast = very fast = very fast

I don’t believe it’s overreacting. Yeah she’s not the best purple but she’s the best Guinevere neutralizer in the game at this moment. The mana resist is huge cuz now if you bring 3 or 4 against Guin you can throw tiles at her like she’s Kashhrek. Multiple Seshats will give you a much better chance to recover if dealt a bad board. What changes is you don’t mind Guin going off as long as her supporters aren’t gaining mana. Normally you want to kill Guin as quickly as possible Seshat changes that. Just kill everyone else and leave Guin for last.

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