Seshat – New July 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): First Thoughts & Discussion

I’ll have to change my post then. ‘He does almost everything different’ :+1: My point still stands tho.

Back to topic, Seshat vs. Kage sounds interesting but how about Seshat AND Kage? A defense team with both of them in it would be pretty scary. Kage / Guin / Seshat??

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Kage isn’t as beautiful as Seshat is. So Seshat wins.

Back to topic again:

Even with eyes closed she’s dangerous and sexy at the same time!

Did I already say that I love her? I do!




You lucky dude… You got Isshtak! Best lizardman fighter in the world :joy:


I feel like Kashhrek would resent that claim.


Read again the special skill of Kage. Like I said… not always. In defense Kage hits randomly as any other hero does. And if hits one of my heroes that has less than half HP remained, barely hurts me. It happened a lot to me, when I met Kage in combat. Like I said, I prefer Kage, instead Seshat. And I always can drain his mana with my yellows. That’s why I fear Seshat in combat. I hope to not meet her to often :smile:

I would hate to see a team with them both on it. Then it becomes pick your poison.:thinking::slightly_frowning_face::thinking:


There’s nothing like a Seshat sneaking in when Isshtak is going through the gate!

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Thanks a lot Ivy! I’ve updated the thread :slight_smile:


She kinda looks like Cruella de Vil got bit by a zombie…

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How dare you! Seshat is one of the hottest HOTM ever! Dead or alive.


Mostly dead but yeah, she’s too hot for being a corpse.

Btw, I finished mission 15 of Sand Empire, got an EHT, summoned a hero AND… I got nothing… just friggin Tyrum who got my hopes up cuz he’s purple too. His skeleton ■■■ is resting in pieces in Kunchen’s stomach now :angry:


That’s what happens when one complains about off-topic posts on a tinfoil thread :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Kage is alive, Seshat is dead. Point to Warlord.

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@FabulaSumus A man doesn’t like off-topic posts. A man has been told he must be fun at parties :thinking:


Traitor!!! We, the Reborn, support Seshat the Reborn over the Warlord!

I have a feeling you might have enjoyed my raid I recorded against her, sound tracked it with living dead girl… felt fitting. :slight_smile:

You support Atomos, that it is.

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I haven’t the slightest of said raid recording. Could you be so kind to provide a link?

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Oh it’s just on line and posted for my clan, nothing major haha, if you have line I could send the vid to you if you want to see her in action on defense.

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