Seshat – New July 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): First Thoughts & Discussion

Still no replies for Ursena, Seshat, Kage and which order to give mats to if you had all three?

Just trying to do some planning in case all my prayers are answered by the end of the month lol.

Definitely all of them. My order would be Sesh, Ursel, Kage. Cool stack, when Kage won’t be priority.

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Just curious. I have her in tier 2. Tier 3 in view. But what i like to now:

I have my ranger emblems put in Alatie (6). Should i start with Seshat again and cannibalize Alasie or will i stop puting emblems in Alasie and switch to Seshat or … what is the best option?

Give further emblems to her. Alasie is cool, too. So she also deserves some additional talent.

Seshat +5 in action.
Met a deadly threat - part 1

MN Aeron Ursena Proteus MN
vs a fully talented ultrafast threat
Ariel Kage Guin Gravey Sesh


Ha, you don’t even need Ursena in there! Hilarious to see double mamas many minions kill them off :>.


Tks for the replies on the mana gain!

ouch. not sure if i invest correctly but since i couldn’t get Hel after so long, i literally placed all my eggs in her. is this combo ok since u mentioned kunchen & seshat in the same breath?



I think it’s WAY too early for a prediction like that.

Also, FWIW, I would be shocked if she was as much of a game changer as Hel. Seshat does more damage and has the fun minion thing… but Hel’s mana block is real game changer

if you use both , Alasie stop at +6 and do Seshat next , T7 not really help and T8 asked too many emblem.

i am at same situation for Kage and GM , my Kage stopped at 6 and do GM which is at +2 now

I agree with your point but do you agree she is 1 of the top 3 purple?

We all don’t have the pleasure of having Kage, and/or Hel. Seshat is what’s new and she is a force to be recognized. Better the the last few HOTM. IMO.

We all know that either without the proper team is only a shadow of what they can be. Every character has a weaknesses. So we have to make do with what we have.

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I drew and received Rana- Seshat-Jabbar- Hisen- I have seshat at level 2 and if i use her in raids she is awesome so far. She is fast- hits strong and her duplicates are on fire

I have Sartana fully maxed and Hel at 3/70. I cannot tell yet were Seshat falls. Hel used right is a game changer each time for me.

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Two mother Norths lol seriously…like I just want one of her. :rofl::joy:


Just try again… got 2 Seshats as a bonus on my 3rd 10 draw…

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It’s almost completely dependent on what you have and what you’re lacking.

Bear in mind also that the jury is still out on Seshat. We will need to see her used in the production server for a while before we can have a more balanced perspective on her ultimate value. She is clearly is very good, and you won’t be sorry if you give her tabards. But that’s not the question you asked.

I prefer Kage to Seshat because of his speed and initial dispel. Being able to get a shot off in 6 tiles with a massive hit that cuts through defensive buffs is huge in a fight. But Seshat is incredibly durable once the minions get going. And she hits decently hard, with a dispel to boot.

I’d say Kage/Seshat/Ursena, absent any other information about your darks and your AOE vs splash vs sniper situation.


Sigh…told the game I want seshat because I need a 5* dark hero. Game gave me Obakan. Fml


Thanks. I do not usually do 10 pulls but I really wanted Seshat :grin:

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Thanks for the thoughts on this. My raid defense team has GM, Guin, Ariel, Lianna and Proteus right now. Primarily I’m looking for a solid Dark hero to replace Proteus. Kage seems like the best option if I manage to pull him. My 5* dark bench is limited to Obakan and Ursena right now at 3:70. 4* I have Tib, Proteus, Cheshire leveled, and Sabina and Rigard at 1:1.

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Either Kage or Seshat will serve you well. Good luck on your pulls!

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20 Dark 5* heroes

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