Seshat – New July 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): First Thoughts & Discussion

OK, direct reduction may refer to this… So resist only to Guin and Mitsuko… Hmmm, she’s still very good, as the most players I meet, have Guin as tank, not Onatel. What was my first words in my comment? “Imo”. For me, she is the best purple right now. I mean for raids and war.


I got Seshat and I am super happy! She is a ranger, which means that she will replace Lianna in my defense team, and I will give all my ranger emblems to her (currently they are on Buddy).
Unfortunately I had only 6 tabards and decided to spend them on Hel, because well Hel is just that awesome, a game changer!
But the next 6 tabards are for Seshat <3


I would agree but what happened with Margaret?

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Hel is indeed best hero for attack. But in defense Seshat makes the difference. Hel can be easily neutralized because of her average speed. She’s not a problem for me. And I saw that video with Seshat in defense and how well she performed. Last one standing :smile:


@Hrothgor Problem with Domitia and Seshat is both are dark heroes with similar specials. Once people start getting both of them you’ll see a lot of threads of people asking if Domitia deserves the tabards instead of Seshat. Honest question, if you only had 6 tabards would you put the mats on any vanilla hero if you had the superior HOTM version? I don’t think so…

Discussion about power creep should be allowed in this thread too. Just my opinion btw: I’d like it if devs didn’t pick a random vanilla hero, put extra specials in it, elemental link, much better stats, and said voila! Here’s your new shiny 5* HOTM (looking at you Ursena, you make Quintus’ owners mad…)

If devs really have to use vanilla heroes as a base, at least they should twist the idea a bit more. Do it like they did it with Kunchen. He is a dark Vivica, except he does everything different. I saw few complaints in the forum about how Kunchen is stronger than Viv, and that’s because they’re different colors and different type of healers. Viv is a very defensive type. Kunchen is more offensive.

Domitia and Seshat are both dark snipers / dispellers. That’s probably why people here are pointing out how weak Domitia (and Thoth) look compared to this new HOTM.


If someone would be so kind as to provide me Seshat’s element link status effect for the status effect thread :slight_smile: I’d greatly appreciate it!

My thoughts:

  • She’s basically a mix of Domitia and Thoth-Amun: Fast single target hit that dispels to three targets, and summons a minion to herself only. Also better than both!
  • Unlike Domitia, she’s fast, and deals nearly the same amount of damage as her with her skill. That’s nuts!
  • Unlike Thoth, she hits harder to a single target, and the minion cloning itself is more threatening than his single one, hers hits harder too (but it does have less HP than his)
  • By direct mana reduction, that means things like Leonidas mana or Guinevere’s mana cuts? If so she’s definitely a great hero to have to just trash her.
  • The Ranger class having the chance to bypass defensive buffs also complements that anti-Guinevere thing she’s got going on. Makes her unique from the classes Domitia (Rouge) or Thoth (Sorcerer) got, although IMO those classes have better talents for more situations.

I think she’s pretty powerful. But I think if she dealt less damage with her skill she’d still be good and a little less power-creepy :wink:


You’re right, she’s very powerful. I would like to meet Kage in combat or any other purple, instead her. These are my reasons for what makes her best purple in defense team:

  1. She always deals 400% damage; Kage… not always.
  2. Seshat dispel buffs from 3 heroes; Kage… only one.
  3. Seshat resist to Guin, Leonidas, Chao, Li Xiu, Mitsuko and any other hero in the future, that drains mana. Kage… not.
  4. After activation, Seshat become stronger and faster. Kage… remains the same.
    I made this between Seshat and Kage, because Kage is one of the most beloved purples and used in every defense. Almost. I would be very very happy to meet in combat Kage, instead Seshat :slight_smile:

@DaveCozy, I am thrilled to be able to help you (since that means I have Seshat)! But seriously, your thread is fantastic, so I want to contribute. Can you be a bit more specific about what you need? From looking over the thread it seems maybe just a picture of what Elemental Link 4 looks like (the purple two chain links with whatever symbol they’re using for mana - I actually don’t know yet since I haven’t used her, but can easily take her out on a farming run).


She’s an awesome card, but for most, they will not get her (and if they do they may not even level her timely due to constraints), so she only hurts the value of Domitia if you have both.

For emblems? There’s literally a half a dozen (or more) rangers who could be deserving of the emblems, so no easy call there.

She’s an amazingly well rounded card though - something that many recent and future HOTM’s lack.

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Yep! that’s all I need :slight_smile: Just a screenshot of the status window. After casting her skill just hold on her hero portrait, and take a screenshot of the status window with the element link buff active.

It can be a full screenshot too, I can crop it on my computer :slight_smile:

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Can does-ville, baby doll. Give me a minute; I’m doing it right now.


Do keep in mind that Kage dispels first, meaning he is always guaranteed to bypass defensive buffs. Seshat only has a chance to do that, and that’s if she has emblems invested. TBH I don’t really want to meet either of them. :slight_smile:

The 4% mana buff honestly won’t make a difference unless leveled up mana troops are equipped, that’s very endgame too. Smaller players who get lucky and get her, won’t see the difference until they have their purple mana troop. See: Optimal Mana Bonus Numbers for Every Mana Speed


Correct me if I’m wrong. Seshat Is a HOTM; hope we all can agree on that. My opinion of this before was what people are talking about now(C grade Margaret). Aren’t HOTM suppose to be stronger/better then the normal 5*'s that we are able to Summon at any time? They are harder to get and are around for 1 month then a limited time there after during Atlantis months later. So the real question is how would everyone fill if she was just a normal 5*? I’m sure that would cause problems also.
IMO all HOTM should have somewhat of a edge/better then the normal 5*'s (one’s you are able to summon on any day).

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Not everything. They’re both slow healers and cleansers and both clerics.

Kage does 450% damage. Also he’s very fast vs fast and that really makes a difference, her 4% mana regen buff doesn’t make her very fast.
But I don’t want to makes this thread a Seshat Vs Kage war. I agree she’s a powerful hero and I never said she’s worse than Kage. They’re just different.

Yes and this is unique and really powerful. He makes my Wilbur crying…


I’ll have to change my post then. ‘He does almost everything different’ :+1: My point still stands tho.

Back to topic, Seshat vs. Kage sounds interesting but how about Seshat AND Kage? A defense team with both of them in it would be pretty scary. Kage / Guin / Seshat??

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Kage isn’t as beautiful as Seshat is. So Seshat wins.

Back to topic again:

Even with eyes closed she’s dangerous and sexy at the same time!

Did I already say that I love her? I do!




You lucky dude… You got Isshtak! Best lizardman fighter in the world :joy:


I feel like Kashhrek would resent that claim.


Read again the special skill of Kage. Like I said… not always. In defense Kage hits randomly as any other hero does. And if hits one of my heroes that has less than half HP remained, barely hurts me. It happened a lot to me, when I met Kage in combat. Like I said, I prefer Kage, instead Seshat. And I always can drain his mana with my yellows. That’s why I fear Seshat in combat. I hope to not meet her to often :smile:

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