Seshat clones only 3 Minions [SOLVED: Yes, like all Minion Summoners, Seshat is limited to 3 Minions]

I’m not sure I understand if this is a question, complaint, or something else.

Seshat only can have three minions attached; any hero can only have three minions attached. When a fourth one spawn, the oldest minion is removed. I asked this during the Seshat preview thread, and zerphy answered.

If your point is that Seshat is missing the Element Link icon on her card, then be aware that that has already been reported.


3 minions are the maximum for all minions of any kind

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Thank you very much. I did not realize that. Have learned something.


Can any explain what this count means or why it appears.



That’s showing 3 Minions, each with 242/242 health.

The 2 and 3 in circles are turns until they clone.


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