Seshat & Anzogh vs Costume Sartana & Baldur

So I currently run this as my defence with costume Sartana.

I got Seshat from the ToL in October and am now on the last part of maxing her (4/54 currently, should finish at end of next AR event) and was considering moving to this

My issue is that my next red project is Baldur ( finishing wilbur currently, but xmas event will give me the 6th set of rings I’ve been waiting for) to replace Grazul. This will of course lead to an emblem conflict between the two.

My other option is to level Anzogh instead and give him the emblems I was going to use on Sartana.

Cant decide if one set is a massive upgrade over the other.

Would you rather the two wings having revive and snipe capability, with the nuisance of Baldur

Or the debuff from Seshat and added heal from Anzogh?

I mean grazul > anzogh all the time. So seshat grazul richard Lotl and poseidon is the best combination from all you mention.

Grazul heal and protect you from all aliments, she can be very annoying and going HP DEF route she is very tanky.

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I’ve found it still loses and gets one-shotted in war too often for my liking. My concern is Grazul is too passive (and in the war equalizer ineffective) So testing out some other ideas. Unfortunately wont get a real idea till I move whichever next red to max as 3/70 doesn’t give a real picture. I can always then move back to Grazul if need be…

It all depends who attack your defense, there is no setup that is unbeatable. You must look at it as a whole your defense add nice piece for your alliance, more powerful it is more powerful heroes or skilled player is needed to take it down and other teams are more likely to survive.

Edit: Not to mention tiles if enemy get a good board he always win no matter what.

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