Server @ Maximum Capacity

In the middle of Ninja Tower and got a disconnect because…

Am pleased it wasn’t during war hits.

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I just lost a flag in the ninja tower because the server went out of order :flushed:

Yep. Just happened to me too on a map level. Just after 9am U.K. time

Me too! And I was winning and at the very end. Lost a ninja flag for this issue

Just happened to me. Was a few hits away from taking out Onyx on floor 46 and a hero got cursed because of it.

I lost a flag during war. I had just selected an opponent & received the same message. When I logged back in, I received 0 pints & the flag was lost.

Staff are aware and has been resolved and are looking into affected players.

If you were affected, please contact support (per below staff request):

Support Article on this:

How to contact support:

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Has anyone been compensated lost flags in the ninja tower? Or do I need to buy a flask to finish?

I have rarely seen adequate compensation from SG.
Anyway it is too early.
I think you have to wait at least till tuesday

I got a flask. Even though I had to purchase a flask to finish it’s still nice :blush:

I offer valid proof to refute the response I received from small giant and it was flagged? go figure…

So you removed staff comments. Which I might add do not match up to the event as it occurred.

No worries - considering the stupid thousands upon thousands I’ve sunk into this game - I know exactly what to do from here.

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