I’m waiting for a regular to chime in with a RNS (random numerical server) comment and to tell you to get over it and go play something else etc. etc lmao.

Ok, I didn’t know that. Thanks.

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Przerwana walka podczas turnieju. Porażka :frowning:

yep, got kicked out too, works again for now. lately playing itself is a gamble. you never know when the server might decide to waste an attack. it is getting tiresome.

That is two weeks in a row. Lost lots of energy on rare quest. No compensation last time. This is getting annoying.

Yep got dumped out mid tournament war time to go cut the grass for a bit :grinning:

Same issue here. I will attack the titan and after is push the attack button the app logged me out. I don’t login…

Since my last post, I haven’t been kicked out.

Been able to complete the Raid Tournament with no problems.

Hopefully it is resolved.

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Early this day the raid was starting, and the first battle did I lose. The second battle I played a few seconds and I got a message that the server had a problem. And the server had his maximum number of players reach. And I was kicked out of the game. Now I’ll get back at the game and and I see that I lost the second game. I never played the second game so I hope that this problem get fixed.

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I went in straight away, but only needed to make one tournament attack, so I Evaded the outage. Fortunately, we took down the titan before the tournament started.


I’d send a support ticket ensuring you state approximate time/zone, etc

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We had a player (Nicole) in the Feral Misfits’ war battle victorious but get kicked out before the victory screen finished and receive 0 points.

I (Fracture) just set up my team to fight and got kicked out.

Get both your teammate and yourself to send a support ticket

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