Server Full Message/Kicked/Disconnected – September 6, 2019 [MASTER]

It’s still frustrating…

Moderator’s Note

The Staff have informed me that they’ve created a page on the Support website about this incident, which can be found here, and will be updated with more information as available:

For players who were kicked and lost flags etc., the Staff have informed me that they will be able to see who was affected in their system, so it is not necessary for players to submit tickets in this case, though they are welcome to.

Due to it being the weekend, it may take until Monday for them to fully investigate the issue and address it.


screenshot with account ID removed for security by @zephyr1; these can be used to hijack your account

Gonna give bombs flags etc back?

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Moving this to bugs&issues
Edit: @zephyr1 possible merge?

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Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

Let me edit those pictures before posting

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Thanks zeph for letting me know my acct info showed and removing the image.


That’s exactly the response I got, “we apologise for our screw up that ripped you off. We’re trying find out how our screw up ripped you off. Have a nice day.”

The second one every time!

We know you can track and see everything going on in the game including tagging accounts.

Funny I was hitting a rare. List the flags, lots the hits. A double titan flask would be nice hint hint.

Someone has problems with the gem shop. … I have one with that problem

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