Server down? I cannot log in?

Unable to login to the game?

Same here. Game kicked me out mid-battle on both accounts (different devices and internet connections)

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Seems so. Was in 23-9 when it was going down :confused:

Same. Connection error my @$$. We’re here, aren’t we, and my game is about a foot away… (Near Ottawa, Canada)

Darn, rare titan, blue stack, three diamonds done and got kicked out.

Same here, 2 devices, both disconnected. Wanted to blame it on my connection, but Skype for Business is still green^^

Game is down for me too, got kicked in the middle of a raid

Dammit, Jim. :frowning: 20 titan flasks…

Same! Was grinding for materials :frowning:

Down here in Switzerland as well :frowning:

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Got kicked out also. Was preparing for a raid

Yup, kicked me during a raid. UK.

Up again, but missing my titan flag :frowning:

Ok back in again now.

And yet, here we are. Why don’t they use a proper message? I got a “connection error”, and should check my internet or find a different network. Huh.

Kicked me out in the middle of the attack on titan… Really, fix that :poop:, it is getting annoying and frustrating! :angry:

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Back here too in Switzerland!!

I’m still getting the same connection error message over and over…
…back now. :partying_face:

Only thing i hated was i was winning the raid and lost it


It is back here also, but the attack on titan is lost :angry: