Server disconnecting


Good morning myself and other members of our alliance have been on this a.m and keep loosing connection some right in the middle of a titan battle, what’s up with your servers. July 2 12:30 west coast time, very inconvenient timing as our titan just showed up.

What happen to the game

Same happened to me during a Titan battle and a Raid. This is very inconvenient and I hope it gets fixed soon.


same thing happend to me in the middle of a titan battle!
Weill i get my alliance energy back?


Feed the hamsters!! I am getting all kind of server errors… I am getting disconnected… can’t see my alliance… can’t check other players… even got a message that the server was full… and had to wait a few minutes to connect…

Very annoying trying to play today…


I was playing then the game just stopped not happy i was doing well on my attacking to did this happen to everyone else or was it just me


Yes they have been having server issues all morning and afternoon.


Some of my players are seeing this:


We had some server issues last night, our apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused! They should be now resolved.


so, will I get my alliance energy back or not?


Sas you really don’t expect to get it back do you.
Good luck with that.


I have the same issue since yesterday. ‘Can’t connect to server’ and being disconnected during fights.


not really, but its worth taking a shot at it =)


Good evening gentalmen and ladies seem to be having server issues again. July 19 2017 at 1:00a.m mountain time.