Server Crash makes a Win a Loss

So I literally just beat this guy in a Raid and instead of going to the victory screen I got a quick window pop up that said “Sever Connection loss…” blah blah blah. It popped up and went away before I got a screenshot. It was only a 30 cup loss but still… not cool and I’m not sure if it was a game hack or actual server issue. Here is the player…

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I have regularly the same troubles. Connection lost when I win a raid. Could You please fix this bug. Very ennoying and raging…

Happened to me after finishing endboss season 1.
I used dragonbombs, timetraps and storms as well. All gone due to connection lost and server overflow.

But the fortune was with me. Same eve I finished him even without using one item.

Shi…t happens. Better luck next time… :yum:

It’s unfortunate, but connection loss is not considered a bug. If we were restored every time we lost connection, people would intentionally turn off wifi or data or both to reset whatever match they are losing, keep all their flags and items, and go again. Then SG wouldn’t get the energy from our frustration necessary to power their alien spacecraft.


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