Server Connection Issues - fight results lost

After losing my resources several times within the last weeks, it’s time to ask for help.

Since the alliance wars are established I have to notice several problems during the transfer of flight results to the server.

  • I lost about 300-400 trophys in 10-15 PvPs
  • I lost 3 fights in the alliance wars (heroes, energy, points for my alliance)
  • I lost several energy in the provinces

all this only due to the issue that the results had not been submitted to the server properly.

Not sure if this is really related to the new alliance wars, but the problems started st the same time.

Please contact Game Support:

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. Help me please. Alors que j ai eliminè 117 titan, j ai affichè que 7/ suis niveau 29 et j ai jamais reçu de guerrier 5 etoile aidez moi