Seriously, which one is a better hitter?

Gravemaker is a popular choice of 5-star hero, but I can’t get over the feeble 135% hitting capacity. Even ascended, he goes down faster than Neymar.

Which hero do you think is the better hitter, Gravemaker or Derric :grin:


Can we make a Neymar card?!

Very high attack

Very low Defence and Health

Special: if Wu Kong Attacks and misses, Neymar immediately throws himself on the floor. Wu Kong is sent off and is immediately destroyed.


Gravemaker’s DOT is normally about the same as his direct damage each of the next two turns, sometimes more. That and that he does full damage to three targets is why he’s good.

I don’t fear gravemaker when I see him on raid teams defence. I don’t get the thrill. He drops like Audley Harrison.


I think Gravemaker better at offense than defense. Especially if you have a L11+ mana troop and he fires off his special with only six times / three ghosted tiles.

Gravemaker: 135% to the target (67% to adjacent enemies).

Derric: 220% to the Target. Derric’s a wild man compared to Gravemaker (& Neymar Wu Kong :rofl:

Ouch. Gravemaker won’t take kindly to being compared to Fraudley the A-Farce :joy::joy::joy:

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Then he should grow a back bone. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:

I think he’d rather borrow someone else’s :skull::skull::skull:

Don’t think he’d stay on his feet long enough to take it.

No, he does 135% attack to enemy and adjacent enemies, not half splash damage. (Extra to green)

And 135% of 611 = 825 vs 220% of 155 = 341 (attack values do vary by level, of course)

I agree–he’s not that amazing at 3/70…but he’s seriously mean at 4/80.

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I am with you but in relation to a 1* Hero??? Hmmm :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I wasn’t the one who started comparing him to a 1* hero … And any useful comparison of him to other 4* / 5* heroes has to include his DOT, and should include that he is one of (to date) only two very fast mana heroes in the game.

He is good. Not game-changingly-good like Guin as a tank or Zeline or a few others, but still in the front of the pack of 5* heroes, if you use him for his strengths.

His strengths are A) speed, B) hitting three targets, and C) over half the hurt he does is in the form of DOT in two more turns. His 135% of attack value will vary, hitting lower defense heroes harder and weaker defense heroes more softly, like any other direct attack. DOT ignores the defense stat, so against really tanky heroes with a high defense stat, or against really tough event bosses / titans with higher defense stats, the DOT will stay strong where the other part fades.

If you try to use him as a sniper like Lianna to one-shot heroes, of course he’s gonna suck!

I did not put your stats into question @BarryWuzHere. But I think a comparions (in relation for sure) between a 5* and 1* is a very ineresting question, isn’t it?

True dat! Comparison between a 1* and a 5* is pretty pointless. Silly me for picking that up even when somebody else started it. :rofl:

Don’t mind Barry. Don’t take it too seriousely. I know you are a stats collector and I really apprechiate it but I think this tread is quite interesting just because you think about it…not that you really want to have a 1* in your line instead of a 5* for sure…

I’ve previously done a verse on what happens when Brand tries to run shoulders with the big kids…

What a refreshing change to read a light hearted topic on these forums as opposed to the almost non-stop barrage of complaining. Thanks for the laugh! :rofl::joy:

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