Seriously, how do you beat teams like this?

I tried these three teams and no matter what, I have no chance. Unless the board is perfect.

Regardless of the team, I just can’t win. Guin keeps going off before you can charge single hero, BK goes off, then Ursena. It feels like unless you get the perfect board, you just can’t win against certain teams.

Any advice, thoughts, suggestions on how to deal with this type of team?


I recently rolled over Barry’s team (sorry to bring it up again @BarryWuzHere) which is quite similar but fewer emblems on Guin.

But i have to agree, I needed a board with a lot of usable purple within the first few moves:

So it’s possible, but the likes of my roster definitely need the tiles to fall kindly. I don’t know if that’s much encouragement or not :grimacing:


Slow tiling

Leveling troops

That’s actually the typical war teams saders are facing now

In most recent war, that was actually bout mid to low range with top range being 4600+


Dump tiles into Blacky and try to kill him first. Maybe mono blue would be useful here. You need a dispeller, 2 healers and snipers.


While I was revenging you, Jonah, I let this one fall out of my tower. It really looks brutal.

I mostly raid with 3/2 teams but when I don’t expect them to work I will use a mono team. This one would have probably justified it. Mono in some color that had lots of mana control and dispellers I imagine.


@CorpseTiller if you have a video, I can share. That’s my alliance :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Goodness gracious!!! Who’s that, Barry?!! Never saw anything alike…Not even close…

Seems to be this guy:


That is ambassador

Face him couple times a day

Win some, lose some but always fun

It’s one of the defenses i look forward to seeing


Sure is…

20 Ambassadors…

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Strange… I never met him in all my re-rolling… but I’d sure love to… It would be quite a challenge and I wouldn’t mind losing to that team.

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Probly just luck of timing on my part

There someone called pennywise who has a brutal team!


This is a farm target in a war, and with your massive roster shouldn’t be unbeatable. Before your recent temporary retirement you were in a slump, caught a bad case of the yips, stopped recording and trying to adjust, and had begun spiraling into seeing every win as luck and every loss as unavoidable. These strong defenses are tougher than the low diamond/high plat ones we were facing just a year ago so you’ll see a lower winrate than before, but you should still be batting significantly north of .500, particularly with your impressive roster (I’m currently just north of 80% vs similarly powered teams per our war stats, and that is with the war bonus tipping the scales back toward the defense). Feel free to reach out again via Line when you’re ready to give it a go, but rest assured that with a few tweaks you should be more than capable of leaving these struggles in the rearview


I’d take Panther, Kage, Proteus for purple and then Ariel + your best blue (I always take Frida). Stacking yellows vs Ursena is pretty risky.

Looks like my number finally came up for you and you won a match- grats! Any defense is beatable even if it takes more than one shot to get a decent board


One thing I noticed, is your troop placement, I will rather put lvl 23 mana on Proteus than on Kage, and lvl 16 or 17 mana troops on average mana than on fast ; this way a little control is gained in area of tiles…the rest are dependent on getting those tile matches.


Depend on your board condition, if you’re in downward trend then it normally 3 failed attempts.

but with decent stack and manageable board will do and I will run 3 purp against Guiny for sure.

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Next time… I had already used my three flags before creating this thread.

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