Seriously, HOW can they be this far behind!?!?!


@Witch I agree with you!


I’m not sure how @Sagacious1 has spent his money or gems, but he’s upset and should be able to vent and complain if he wants. If someone at your work or school is constantly mad and you are forced to be around them and listen to it, then you can be angry all you want. If someone complains in a forum, where you have no obligation to give them any attention, and it’s really, painfully clear that it’s a complaint from the thread title, saying you are tired of reading those complaints makes no sense. Just simply leave them alone. There is a group of people here that beat up on anyone that dares to complain or point out anything wrong with the game. If you guys would simply not respond to those threads, they would die off and fall off the front page and your goal would be achieved. By constantly responding and telling everyone why they should be happy and shut up, you’re just keeping those threads at the top, just like this one.


If you had read my reply with the intention of understanding it and not with the intention of replying to it - you would know that I didn’t say I was tired of people complaining. I said I was tired of people with an attitude of entitlement complaining. I object to the way people complain that they can’t just get what they want. That the company OWES them something - which it doesn’t.
And by your own advice - if you don’t like to read my response, then don’t.


Here’s the problem if we ignore these threads - SIGNIFICANT misinformation can get spread. Look no further than the beta comment here which is flat out wrong AND casts SGG and the beta testers in a horrendous light if not addressed.

Here’s another - we can’t point out where these have been discussed before and in some cases beaten to death.

You know what might help - if people who are newer knew where this game started and where it is now and all that has been done, a timeline of sorts. Like I said in my prior post, they do listen and have done a lot in the year-ish (maybe 10 months actually) I have been here. I’d be interested to see what happened before I even joined :slight_smile:


Beta testers don’t get any extra heroes or any compensation of any kind. You are indeed wrong.


I’m a beta tester - and I wish it were true, but it’s not :slight_smile:


Just take a look at the accounts of all the beta testers, most of us have been playing for a long time, so yes, most do have some 5* heroes. But do you really think that if I could take those heroes for testing with me, I would have Justice as a tank? Ofcourse not, I would have Guin as a tank, because she is the best tank out there. And I definitely would have Zeline and Ares and…and… My only hero of the month wouldn’t be Perseus, lol.

I am perfectly happy with my Justice btw, she makes a fine tank, I trained her myself in my tc 20 and got together all the ascension materials and food and heroes to get her to 80… :slight_smile: . And I am happy too with Perseus, he is not the best hero of the month, but still happy I got one.


And here another beta and its the holy truth we get nothing :fearful:


you Brian. I appreciate the input.


Responding to a poster is one thing, subtle name calling is another. Please follow Forum Rules:

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name shown was Brian. So I replied “Thank you Brian”. I swear this forum is


response to Brian was genuine. Can you please DELETE my account.


See PM. I was referring to a different comment.


it. Have NO desire to be a part of this.


I noticed that you’ve noticed the same things that I’ve noticed.


Thank you for mentioning this, I take my hat off to you.


I do believe that a majority are sincerely trying to help given their long term experiences. Some do a really nice job of it and give some history/data points and others are not so constructive.

I wish someone would start a thread for new players that simply has a listing of all the things that WILL frustrate a new player, about how long it takes to alleviate it, and why it’s worth the investment. I was about to quit 3 months in, my alliance mates where why I didn’t, and I have really been thankful for that as I really, really enjoy the game more now since I stuck in it. I am about 10 months in now.


I have been playing this game for 4 months and I am a P2P player.
If you ask me, I will tell you that the game is fair that those that pay would definitely have the advantage not to mention those that have great luck as well!

But what could be improved for the non trading/donating heroes to others would be a feature like giving back unwanted heroes to the game in exchange for tokens. etc. 1x5* for an epic hero token / 2x4* for a token / 4 x 3* for a token and so on…what you are able to summon from the token is entirely up to luck of course.

One of the most attractive part of this game is the gamble we take and the excitement it brings when you summon a legendary hero.

I can tell you that I have more problems with ascension items rather than summoning heroes.
Just my 2 cents. :slight_smile:


Hopefully the developers can implement the exchange heroes for token program. That way we wont have to keep unwanted heroes or feels like a waste to feed them away and exchange them for more gambling tokens. :wink:


@sleeperZ96BT Here you go

Advice for New Players, or "All the things I wish someone had told me when I first started."