Seriously, HOW can they be this far behind!?!?!

Let me first state, I think this game (and the owners/developers) has a lot of potential. That said, here’s what I see that they just don’t understand.

They are far behind on the season 2 release. I understand that things happen, but this is getting ridiculous!!! Hire more people, Do something or else you’re going to lose quality followers. It’s also been 9 days since they have released a Rare Quest. WHY not give your dedicated players something for their loyalty? More Rare Quests (Farholme Pass with a Tome of Tactics!!!), a new Challenge Event…and heaven forbid a hard to find ascension item (especially for the players who spend a small fortune on this game. PISSING off your dedicated players that spend A LOT is not a formula for success!!! And no, I don’t need to hear from the non spenders who say this would be a form of nepotism. The game wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the paid players).

Yes, I understand the game needs to be drawn out over years.

Rewarding beta tester teams with FREE, fully ascended 5* heroes is not helping you either. It ■■■■■■ off the players who spend good money. I see people several levels behind me that have (at least) FIVE, 5* heroes. HOW did they come come across a minimum of FIVE Tome of Tactics? Go figure. Why not choose ‘regular’ players randomly for beta testing so everyone has a chance for some of (the BEST) free characters!?!

How about offering a Mystic Vision more often (and the company makes more money from the videos played). Offering a video view every 8 hours would be a good start.

How about finding a way for people to ‘trade/donate’ heroes…at least within their Alliance. I’ve read all the reasons why it “can’t” be done. How about finding a way to make it work! People that have “paid” to draw numerous duplicate heroes should be allowed to give them to someone else if they desire. The company has ‘received payment’. Why can’t the person give them away.

Challenge Event loot needs to be ‘awarded’ a little differently. It’s essentially a WINDFALL for the top few players, and almost nothing of value for everyone else.

End of rant (have to run, can’t finish it now). And I’ve been told they won’t listen anyway.


Beta testers receive nothing on their main accounts.
They do receive new/changed heros to their beta account which is reset with every beta release
So no benefit crosses over


Have fun, play the game. I didn’t even know there was a season 2 or whatever coming. I am just enjoying it. maybe I am too new and people have been waiting.

It is technically a free game so I mean there is no real commitment on their end. I am sure it is coming. Just sit back relax and have fun!


It has been said before, but the Event was introduced as a feature for end-game players. It’s not that new or midlevel players shouldn’t compete, but there’s plenty of other things to do for those people.
For the players lower leveled than you with the 5*, maybe they spend more or just had more luck.

Instead of making a suggestion to SG, I’m gonna make a suggestion to the players who fill this forum with complaints: redirect your focus, with AW there’s plenty of other heroes to level. Even 4* at 3/60 are useful for later attacks! Upgrade your buildings, make small inner-alliance challenges (who can get the most diamonds on 1 board?!)

But for the love of God, stop ranting on the forums!!! And just be happy that this game can’t be ‘won’ in a week or get you to the top in a month.
Chef out


Sorry to let you down but next rare quest (tomorrow) will be Frostmarch with warm cape and farsight telescope.
Wait more 10 days for Farholme and tot.

you know this HOW? I’ve documented EVERY rare quest for the past 3 months and
there is NO definitive ‘time’ pattern. The only thing I could find somewhat
repetitive is the ‘order’ of the elemental quest. In other words, I also knew
that Frostmarch was due next (although waaaay OVERDUE), but had no exact date.
Last time Shrikewood released in January (15th), Frostmarch followed
in 11 days (1/26).

it doesn’t matter anymore.

For what it’s worth, I mostly agree with all of this. You are wrong about the Beta testers, but that’s been pointed out. I have started a second account, and I immediately see why trading or donating would open a huge can of worms. People would just create multiple throw away accounts to build up resources and clutter everything up. You’re spot on with the Season 2 issue. It’s so incredibly tedious farming the same levels over and over again looking for swords and backpacks. The game has become about Titans and Raiding, and the World Map, which it should be about, is just a tool to find items. I vaguely remember my first run through it being actually fun, now it’s starting to feel like work. The Challenge Event reward tier is insanely top heavy, I agree.

I’m not nearly as jaded as you are because I’m still working on a stable of heroes that are fun to raid and fight titans with, but I can easily see myself getting really bored after I level up about 10 more of them. Hopefully by that time there will be a new world map or something else to keep my interest. If not, I’ll just move on to something else.


for understanding. The frustration comes from many things. I’m happy for their
success (33 mil in revenue and 41 million in new funding this past February).
But WHY announce Season 2 (late 2017), saying that it would be coming at the
beginning of the new year (2018) if you had no clue how to make that happen.
The CEO has time for interviews talking about the game’s success (again, congrats),
but it looks like he should have been working on getting Season 2 released
instead. After all, it’s almost APRIL!!! And IF you had unexpected setbacks,
then you OWE your fan base an explanation…not arrogance. If you can announce a
time frame, then you can notify everyone why the release isn’t going to meet
that timeline (promise). And then give your players something in lieu of the
invisible Season 2. CHAMGE your rare quest schedule so players can actually
ascend characters. Launch more frequent Challenge Events. Silence and status
quo is LAME! Season 2 should have been launched long ago and Season 3 should be
in the works.

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I am really getting tired of reading complaints on the forum from people with an attitude of entitlement. This is a free phone game - one that is, on the whole, exceptionally well made and can sustain interest over a long period of time. Yes, you can spend money on it and if you do, I applaud you for supporting the still small company that is doing a hell of a job expanding this game. They aren’t perfect, there are some flaws and hiccups - which is just in the normal scope of things. Sometimes irritating, but nothing to get into a rage about. This is not a store where you can buy your way to success in the game. You have to put in the time and energy and then you also need a portion of luck and a good deal of patience. You cannot buy heroes. You can buy gems. These may give you a chance at getting heroes. Repeat - you cannot buy heroes. Stating that you have invested (x amount of) money does not give you the right to expect certain heroes over others. Expecting to be rewarded more for spending is a form of entitlement. This is not a instant gratification game. If that is what you are looking for, please look elsewhere.

All of this has been stated over and over again. The reason you don’t wish to accept this, is your attitude of entitlement. If you are unhappy with the game, then it is your prerogative to take your time and money elsewhere. If you wish to make suggestions how to keep players happy, then please do so, but it would be nicer for all and probably more effective if you did it in a positive manner.

And as @Talisax has already mentioned, beta testers receive nothing on their main account for their time and input, which they invest to make the game better for all. They do not only report bugs before content goes live, test the heroes for bugs, weaknesses or being overpowered, they also give input regarding events and the resulting rewards, all in the best interest of all players. Their suggestions are, although not always, followed up on - but it is the prerogative of SG to make their decisions as they see fit.

Honestly, if you don’t enjoy playing the game, why don’t you stop?


I think we can all agree that this game tests our patience thoroughly. It’s definitely a game for the long haul, involving long waits.

So it’s not surprising that when the devs make us wait longer for new content on top of our usual waiting ingame, that the impatience builds up even more and gives room to frustration. There’s only so much patience any individual can bring to the table.

What can we ask then? That the devs work hard? I think they do. Last time I heard being a game dev was a rather stressing job. And our devs have Alliance Wars to prove their hard work. I think they did well there.

What else can we ask? That SG communicates clearly? AH. This is a tougher cookie than you might think. If they make a clear promise there’s hell to pay when they don’t keep it. If they make very vague tentative announcement we’re underwhelmed. If they make repeated tentative announcements because we twist their arm for “weekly updates” then well, we’re going to be just as impatient as we’d have been without that communication, and perhaps even more frustrated because of the weekly reminder of our wait.

Catch 22. We want to be better informed and all they can give us is that they’re not done yet, can’t promise when they will, but they’re working on it hard.

Would you be surprised to find out the frustration isn’t isolated to our side?

What you can ask for is that our patience, stretched or not, is rewarded in the end. The longer we wait, the better the reward? Good things come to those who wait? Time shall tell.


Yeah this game raises emotion like hell…can imagine like it is for you …my advice would be deal with it in a proper way don’t let yourself spoil the fun this game has to offer.


Having been here almost a year, I can say that they do listen, mostly, and do add content, albeit maybe not as quick as folks want. Believe me I want more and more content just like everyone else.

I will say that this game is fantastic for a free game (if you want to play that way) from my experience.

May I ask, how long have you been playing the game? When I started it was the map, raids, and titans. Now we have events (3 distinct events each of which takes time to make), AW, fun little winter and spring events (though I think I missed the last one before my time) That seems like a reasonable rate of adding features to the game.


I’m puzzled by why the OP thinks that Season 2 is delayed. SG announced that there would be a preview of Season 2 by end of 2017, and there was. I can’t find any reference by SG staff to a timeframe for release of Season 2 except a general “2018”.

You’re complaining about the lack of new content, but Alliance Wars just came out, adding a completely new dimension to the game. And next month we’ll have a fun, month-long event like the snow event last December–all new content.

Plus we get interesting new HotM every month, adding depth to the game.

As noted above and elsewhere, you are completely wrong about benefits to beta testers. We have completely separate app to test; they port our production account over to the test environment and give us heroes to test in the Beta environment but we get nothing in our production accounts. We do get the benefit of foreknowledge and playing around with new heroes at full ascension to see how they might add to our teams if we happen to get them in production and spend lots of resources to level them up, but most of the info we have from beta gets shared here fairly rapidly.

All of the other issues you’ve raised – trading heroes/items, challenge event loot – have extensive discussions here on the boards. Please go read those threads and contribute to them constructively.


By your same advice - if you don’t like reading complaints on the forum, why don’t you just stop? People are certainly entitled to vent their frustration when they have spent money on a product and are not satisfied with what they have received. Brow-beating these people is as useless as the complaining in the first place. Just move on and don’t leave a lengthy response if you feel it’s so awful that they dare to complain.


Because some of us like to come here to discuss the game or create a valuable resources for new players. Both of those are diminished with 475 threads complaining and moaning about the same things…


Yes, but you can tell from a thread’s title that it’s a complaint. Just ignore the thread altogether if those upset you. Some people like to share their pain, and misery loves company. You can’t enter a thread like this and leave a lengthy response complaining about how you don’t like threads like this. Just ignore it and move on, which is a lot easier than commenting. Unless the board bans complaining altogether, it’s always going to happen.


This - you spend money on gems. You receive gems. What is there to be not satisfied about? What you do with your gems is not part of the transaction.


@Witch I agree with you!

I’m not sure how @Sagacious1 has spent his money or gems, but he’s upset and should be able to vent and complain if he wants. If someone at your work or school is constantly mad and you are forced to be around them and listen to it, then you can be angry all you want. If someone complains in a forum, where you have no obligation to give them any attention, and it’s really, painfully clear that it’s a complaint from the thread title, saying you are tired of reading those complaints makes no sense. Just simply leave them alone. There is a group of people here that beat up on anyone that dares to complain or point out anything wrong with the game. If you guys would simply not respond to those threads, they would die off and fall off the front page and your goal would be achieved. By constantly responding and telling everyone why they should be happy and shut up, you’re just keeping those threads at the top, just like this one.


If you had read my reply with the intention of understanding it and not with the intention of replying to it - you would know that I didn’t say I was tired of people complaining. I said I was tired of people with an attitude of entitlement complaining. I object to the way people complain that they can’t just get what they want. That the company OWES them something - which it doesn’t.
And by your own advice - if you don’t like to read my response, then don’t.

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