Seriously? [extreme cup-dropping]

We have ALL been there

Maybe the cup dropper is trying to see how high he can get the stat for number of raid wins in a row?

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And what’s the definition of “best defense team”? Because my strongest (in terms of TP) team is very bad at defense.

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I don’t get it. Why wouldn’t anyone attack that defense? 5 easy heroes for the chest. Anyway, that team screams CUP DROPPER a mile away. One can cup drop without those attacking realizing they’re walking into a trap. Anyway, I’m definitely not against cup dropping, I love meeting a cup dropper, especially one still above 2400, I will 100% take the cups and the 5 free heroes for my chest and I couldn’t care less about revenge, I just consider that cup diving to 250 cups is absurd and gains you absolutely nothing… I think this one might fell asleep for a week or so and “forgot” to change his defense back :wink:

If you keep a 5x 1/1 Aife defense team (not to disrespect Aife in any way, I know she is a great hero), there is no limit for number of raid wins in a row. You will always fight bronze level teams.

And raid energy taking 60 minutes per point.

I would love if they increased the raid energy bar to 12 or let you spend Common herbs to reroll.

I reroll a lot since I am essentially converting food to iron. I also have 81x raid flasks.

But new players are stuck.

Would be cool if you could spend 0.25 raid energy for a no reward "practice " that would also let you skip these situations.

I agree.

One option is to separate Attacks trophies from defense trophies. Then give a reward based on defense trophies for each day you leave you team in that configuration.

Because you cannot manually trophies drop, your defense trophies are more realistic. Because the defense rewards are based on 24+ hours, it discourages changing you defense team a few minutes before rewards are awarded. Because it is 24+ hours, it gives players in all time zones time to attack you.

You could even scale the rewards so longer a team is left in a configuration, the more rewards per defense trophies it earns until it hits a cap.

He decided to stick to leveling up his team before trying more raids (probably a good idea).

He’s considering buying the starter pack, though he says it’s kind of pricey. Anyone know if it’s a good deal or not? I think it’s like $30, I’m not sure what it comes with.

If I recall correctly it was some trainer heroes and a bunch of farmable mats (maybe a silver summon or two). It basically gives you a few weeks’ boost on farming. I don’t think it’s a good deal unless you want that few weeks’ boost and you intend on being a whale. There are much better deals (eg. cheap gems) to spend on in the game. Or VIP pass.

That’s what I figured. He’s probably aiming for c2p, if he sticks with the game. I’ll mention the cheap gem deals. He just wants to get some decent heroes ASAP, and I remember it was a long grind for me even when I was spending a few dollars.

VIP pass is a good deal for new c2p players. Second builder and extra gems really help early in the game.

Good point, I got that early on and it’s still useful, especially now that they’ve added the new buildings.

Agree with @nevarmaor, if he wants to invest money in the game, I would recommend starting with good deals like VIP pass or atlantis offers on gems and coins, nothing else but that.

And define a reasonable monthly budget before starting putting money in the game. Otherwise he could go out of control.


Shop offers are never a good deal. My family buys emblems and I buy some others for research purposes ( 5x 5x 3* mono trainer heroes teams ).

Their pricing is the same as movie theater popcorn, and the economics behind it are the same. People who cannot afford it get cheaper tickets because people who can afford the popcorn subsidies all ticket buyers. Though you cannot sneak your own gems into Empires under your winter coat.

This is a topic about gems and IAP ( still fairly current):

([Opinion, Discussion] Effective IAP gem deals in Empires or Return On Investment)

and HotM chasing

(How much should I spend?- HotM cost, and odds, analysis)



…. or can you? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :laughing:

Yeah he’s probably not going to spend a ton, if he even sticks with the game. I’m trying to recruit as many friends and family as I can to try to fill my alliance, but I know there’s a chance some of them might not stick with it, and I really need dedicated dependable people for my team.

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Family is awesome.

But my alliance has been fighting 6* titans for 2 years now, so be prepared to give up titans loot tier 9, titan parts, and war chest if you want a friend and family guild.

If you want the best loot, try and find a family of alliances so you can switch to high level titans when you want good loot, and drop down to low level titans when you need a break.


Titan loot tiers

Family is multiple alliances
(How does a "sister alliance" work?)

Titan parts
(Titan Parts Loot Tier Drop Tracking – show me your drops)

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Yeah, we are stuck on lower level titans. But most of us, probably even myself included, would struggle on higher level titans anyway. I know I’m missing out on the best possible loot, but were I to join a high level alliance, I would always be worried about being kicked because my scores weren’t good enough. My current alliance is at a comfortable middle level where I am the big fish in a small pond so to speak. What I sacrifice in terms of loot, I make up for in happiness. :smiley:

That is, after all, my primary goal when playing any game. Loot is great, but higher levels of competition can easily lead to frustration to the point where it’s not enjoyable anymore. For me, at least. Everybody has different goals, my main goal is to have fun.

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I dont think that the best Titan loot is decicive for FTP at least.
After playing for about 15 month I have no problem ascending most of my heroes.

I have quite a few 4* heroes sitting at 3/60 and two 5* sitting at 3/70 because I don’t have the mats to finish them. I’m c2p, been playing for 10 months, complete as many titans / monster chests / wars / etc. as I can - usually at least 1 monster chest a day, elemental chests whenever they pop up, we kill most of our titans, win more than half of our wars… I can only conclude that the reason I don’t have as many ascension mats as other players is because they’re killing higher level titans, which is fine if that’s the case. Otherwise I just have really bad luck, in which case it doesn’t matter what level titan I’m fighting anyway.

Rare titans with loot tier 9+ drop the most emblems, this is the biggest difference for F2P. Especially when trying to emblems 4* / 5* heroes.

Both normal, and rare, Titan loot tier 9+ has a chance of dropping more gems, Epic troop tokens and Epic hero tokens.

Epic hero tokens work with all Seasonal summons.

Titan loot tier 1-6 does not drop all 7x 4* ascension items.

On average, titan loot tier 9+ drops +50% for 3* / 4* ascension items.

You can fight high level titans and STILL have bad luck.

But the longer you kill high level titans, the better chance you will get some good luck also.

Until classes, I had 2x purple 3* ascension items than any other color. After classes ( Rigard, Proteus, Tiburtus, Sabina ) and 5* summons ( Domitia 5* 3.70, Thoth-Amon 5* 3.70, Obakan 5* 3.70 ) that is no longer a problem.

Hopefully Alchemy Lab v3.0 will help with the bad luck. Or trade ( projected 2-3 years away ).

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Yeah I tend to get tons more ascension mats in one color than others (usually the color I don’t need LOL). My summons and TC pulls tend to lean heavy on reds, yet the most common ascension mat I get are capes. Go figure. :crazy_face:

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