Seriously? [extreme cup-dropping]

Chances are he never sees that again.


I would just raid, take the loss and move on at that point. I get the struggle when starting with food, you don’t want to spend it on anything you don’t need. If he gets a lucky board he may get at least 1 KO for the hero wanted chest.


I would LMAO if he actually won.

I’m pretty sure he logged off a long time ago, curious to see if he still gets the same matchup the next time he logs on. If so, I’ll tell him to go for it just for kicks and giggles. :grin:


The thing is your raid match changes only when you reroll or opponent goes online. So yes, there’s a good chance he’s still matched with the same opponent.
There is possibility that guy dropped more cups than intended. Happened to me once. Wanted to drop about 200-300 cups, dropped 800 instead.


If he is a cup dropper and is now raiding back up he may be out of range next time your player logs on. If he’s greater than +300 cups he should no longer be an option for raiding.


I agree with you.

This is most likely triggered by a misunderstanding on how Wanted Hero Mission Chests and Watchtowers work ( see notes ) combined with the new demands for iron and ham ( Stronghold 21 and Advanced Buildings ).



As far as I know, the opponent you find will be the opponent you have to fight, unless you reroll, so the cupdropper will be the only option for raiding, even if the cup difference is greater than 300 cups.

Check these examples



That’s messed up. :slightly_frowning_face:

Somehow I’m not surprised, though. My 3600 TP team regularly gets raided by 4k+ teams… even when considering that raids are determined by cups, not TP, my cup count usually varies between 1800 and 2100, depending on how often I’m in the mood to do raids (which is not very often), and yet somehow I still get raided at least once or twice a week by players in diamond tier. So either they dropped cups immediately before raiding me, or there is no such thing as a 300 cup limit.


The 300 cup limit is applied when you roll for an opponent.

Your friend rolled and found an opponent with 206 more cups, within the 300 cup range.

When you are attacked and want to revenge, the opponent you want to revenge was inside 300 cup range when attacked you. But if that opponent is a cupdropper and climbed all the way back before you hit revenge, you’ll see that opponent way over the 300 cup limit.

The cup limit exists when you roll, but not when you want to revenge.


Right, I get that.

I was going to say that doesn’t explain the screen caps you posted above, but I see now those were all revenge raids. And technically, grimlord could have conceivably beat 2 of those 4 teams (the 2114 and the 2342) with the right boards. The 2814 and 3683 on the other hand, those are nearly insurmountable odds.

I have actually beat a couple of teams in AWs that were 1k higher than my attack team, with great boards on my side, but those were 2 rare cases out of hundreds of similar battles I’ve fought. I’ve been playing long enough to know that these things happen sometimes, and the RNG tends to balance itself out over time. It just seems a bit unfair to force a new player to fight a team that is 2k higher than their own when they haven’t even had time to build up a proper team themselves.

Actually, considering this particular situation, that brings up an interesting question: what happens if the opponent team in this case accumulates more than 100 trophies before my friend logs on again? Will he still be matched against the same team even if the trophy difference exceeds 300? Now you’ve piqued my curiosity. :grinning:

Back in a few. Going to text him and see if he’s able to log on to find out.

UPDATE: So he logged on, checked his raid menu, still the same opponent. I told him to try it. He tried, says he died in like 5 seconds and lost 15 trophies. :neutral_face:

Well… that’s that, then.


I don’t think this was a revenge raid. You can’t reroll a revenge raid.

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Losing 15 trophies would indicate the difference was less than 300 cups between them. It is an interesting question, though. I mean logically it makes sense that if the difference becomes greater than 300 between you Rolling and actually raiding then that opponent should no longer be an option to raid. But I don’t know what actually happens in that case.


the only thing considered is the time you rolled. If you don’t raid and let them sit there for a bit, then they get more cups to go over the 300 limit, you are still matched up with them.

Works just like selecting opponents to revenge, say for e.g. you get raided by someone very strong that just lost a lot of cups overnight, then they get tons of trophies. They don’t disappear from your watchtower even if the difference in trophies is very high, you can still revenge raid them.

The rewards are very low/high if the difference is very high between you and your opponent. If you’re much higher and revenge someone who lost a lot of cups, you usually get like 2 or 3 trophies. If you revenge someone with much more cups than you, you can take about 50+.


Thanks for the clarification. I’ve never actually done that myself.

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That team does NOT look like a cup dropper to me

Just for the record they where all revenge raids.

Having said that even if you don’t actually click on a revenge button and do a roll/ reroll instead, All the revenges you have in que/line waiting will come up first in your rolls and only once you have exceeded the revenge list waiting amount will you get new players rerolled.

So for those that don’t realise it, whether you want to do a revenge ir you don’t the raid reroll brings them back up first.

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EASY chests is what they are seaking

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I meant the OP raid.


It’s one opponent, worst case scenario he loses the raid, it won’t be his last.

Take it as a learning experience, see how grimm+4 is like to face.

It should be an incentive for him to grow. At his stage, the growth is so fast.

I don’t want to be critical but he needs to stop whining and crying like a biyatch!

It’s these challenges that will endear the game to him. If everything was so easy, I think many players would not be still playing 3 months, 6 months, 1+ years.

Toughen up buttercup. You can remind him of that grimm+4 tank he faced in a couple of months and laugh together about it :smile:


I don’t think that the newcomer player was whining. The newcomer was surely confused because the extremely overpowered opponent rolled.

“If everything was so easy” would be facing an opponent like 500 TP below your current TP, which you can crush without sweating. So hard would be 500 TP above, but this case was 2000 TP difference! Ridiculous.

Anyway as @TGW said, the newcomer took the challenge and got crushed, lost 15 trophies and the 400 food spent on the roll. I know that 15 trophies means nothing for the newcomer and he/she can get the food back in an hour. I hope the newcomer understands that and is in the mood to keep rainding and having fun with the game. I would surely encourage that newcomer to keep trying and playing


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