Serious discussion time, kiddos: for those who have quit or are planning to quit the game

I also question people that “burn” all of their heroes by feeding them away. Baseball cards isn’t fair because they have value. Maybe more like burning a wedding album. Only guess is perhaps they acknowlge their propensity to spending and need it gone.

What’s perplaxing is sometimes I walk through a store and see a game I used to play. I think “that was fun”, and wished I put it in the attic to visit. Deleting the game is one thing that I understand, who knows why all that they earned would be totally removed…perplexing

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This developer is beyond pathetic! I’ve been tracking my elemental chest since May 2018. I have received ONE four star ascension mat in the last 25 elemental chest. Diamond chest used to be decent but are now just monster chest with a little more food and iron. They’ve taken away 4 star ascension mats to try and force players to use emblems. How pathetic. There are a dozen other issues but, I’ll spare you. I stopped spending on both accounts a few months ago and I’d be overjoyed if SG went bankrupt tomorrow. I can not stand this dev. They are like spoiled children who wont share their toys. If I wasn’t so heavily vested in time and money I’d suiside my accounts right now and plaster it all over the net. I dont think they will ever ever ever win me back! Newbies…DO NOT GIVE THESE GREEDY PEOPLE YOUR MONEY!! YOU WILL REGRET IT!! I PROMISE.


I am seriously considering quitting the game in December. For some context, I am a long term player, and I haven’t spent much (Share the gems, discount VIP etc).

Basically, I am just getting tired of the grind for increasingly little return. I have so many mats, and not much opportunity to use them. :weary:

I feel that I have hit the wall to realistically improve my 5* roster. I have maxed 3 Joon, 3 Lianna, 2 Magni, 2 Marj, 2 Sartana… I have one HOTM Seshat. I do not have a single 5* from S2/S3/challenge events/seasonal events.

I am currently working towards HA 10. It just may be too little, too late for me.

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As I continued to think on this over night, I think that players who feed away their roster do so because they can’t stop any other way. It’s akin to an addict dumping their substance of choice down the drain. Wasteful, yes, but for someone who can’t walk away any other way it may be the only healthy option.



Hi there

What do I do to get heroes with 4 or 5 stars or is it only reserved for people who spend money? I try to save the tokens and the gems and tried everything from elemental to legend summons but don’t get anything beyond 3 star. I understand you guys don’t want to give out higher rated stars but still once in a few tries you should do it. Else clearly specify they are meant to be bought. At least there will be no expectations. I did 2 legend summons today and both gave me a 3 star and that too the heroes I already have. So frustrating. At least don’t call it legend summon if you don’t give a legend when summoned.

At least be clear with ur business model saying what is free and what’s not. We users can make our choices as well. Goblin crater I kept collecting and then when it got filled, it popped up saying pay to get them.

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I’ve been playing for almost 2 years and am currently at level 66. I never buy anything except the share-the-gems offers, VIP (usually the discount offers), and POV - and every time I get bombarded with popups urging me to BUY BUY BUY, I get a little less willing to renew my VIP and POV once they elapse.

I have to admit that the game is really becoming a chore with all the new events they’ve been adding - keeping up with them all (and managing the world energy to do so) has almost become a full-time job.

It’s still enjoyable, though, so I’ll probably stick around until the end of Season 3 at least, and then re-evaluate things. I have no trouble quitting cold turkey if a game gets boring or overwhelming. I quit Asphalt 8 a while back, after playing for 2 years, because they introduced a bunch of new tracks that took too much work to memorize, game progress slowed down to a crawl, and because cheaters with their APKs made it impossible to win PvP fairly. I also quit Subway Surfers after many years and thousands of levels, because it just got too repetitive.

But at some point, I’m sure I’ll crown my successor as alliance leader, feed all my legendary emblemed heroes to each other and then to Dawa, and walk away.

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This I fully understand, and empathize with. When I see those type of goodbye posts, where the person admits they have a problem and the only way to stop is to delete everything, yeah. I get it. And good choice on their part. I hope for their sakes that they don’t end up picking up the same addiction elsewhere.

But surely that is not the only reason people quit? I assume that maybe accounts for 1/3 of players who have quit.

In those cases, question asked, question answered, no further questions. Good luck to them in avoiding a habit that has become destructive.

Not sure whether or not that was directed at me? Kind of get the impression that it was.

Tile matching is boring, yes. I mean, come on. How long can that keep someone’s attention? I mostly play on autoplay when it comes to farming. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other aspects of the game I still enjoy personally.

I like obtaining and leveling up heroes. I like the comradery and teamwork of taking down titans and fighting alliance wars. And I do enjoy coming here for banter and random discussions with others who play the game.

I’m in no denial myself. I realized that nothing I was paying for in the game was worth the money I was paying, so I stopped buying anything. Denialism would be telling myself that “oooh maybe if I just spend a few dollars, I’ll pull a Gravemaker from ToL…”

Now *that" is denial.

I’m not falling for that trap. I play this game with eyes wide open. My main source of heroes going forward is TC20. I expect nothing more than Dawas from anything else.

It’s a crappy game model in my opinion, but that is the reality, and I have accepted it for what it is, and decided only to focus on the heroes I have rather than fruitlessly trying to chase the ones I don’t.

Yes, fair enough, SG heroes don’t have any resale value. Which makes it all the more curious as to why people would spend so much money chasing them in the first place?

But I’m still not able to simply delete all the progress I made in this game, whether it’s heroes I got through paid gems, or heroes I pulled through sheer luck. They are my heroes and I spent a lot of time working on them. Of course SG could take them away from me at any time, but until they do, they are mine, and I’m not going to just throw them away. Park them for a while, yes. Delete them? No.

This. This is exactly my point. The point of my original question.

The game is fun, yes. But worth the money they expect people to pay? No. Not at all.

But… if you’ve already dedicated a significant portion of your time and money to a game that you at least somewhat enjoy… well naturally, once you realize it’s a waste of money, you stop giving them money. But you still want to stick around long enough to at least get your money’s worth, right?

The other replies are mostly echoing similar sentiments.

I respect that. And since you said you haven’t spent a lot, at least not compared to some of the people around here, it makes it easier to walk away.

But you still invested a lot of time either way.

When you walk away, do you think you will feel regret? Anger? Relief? Will you miss all those heroes you worked on? Do you think you’ll ever get the itch to play again? Will you tell yourself going forward not to invest in a game like this ever again, or will you simply find another flavor of the month game and repeat the same process there?

I know, I know. People reading my posts thinking “WTF TGW, you doing like a psych study for a thesis paper or something?”

No, not at all. I’m actually trying to get an assessment of how most people feel about this sort of thing so that I can make a general assessment of myself. For me, it is very hard to walk away from something I’ve invested so much in. I thought that was more or less normal. But most of the replies I read on here suggest that most people are easily able to walk away from something with no regrets, even after investing tons of money, time, and energy into it.

It’s a bit perplexing to me how y’all are able to do that. But, kudos to you for it. I guess I just need to learn how to detach without giving a single ■■■■.

And yeah I know people will say, “dude, it’s not like I’m ending a marriage or abandoning a child, it’s a video game…” Yeah a video game that some people have spent tens of thousands of dollars on? And how many hours have you spent with your loved ones vs. hours on the game? That’s what is perplexing me.

Either it matters or it doesn’t. If it matters, it shouldn’t be so easy to walk away from. If it doesn’t, we shouldn’t be expected to invest so much time and money into it in the first place.

The issue is quitting because of addictions is exactly how an addiction works. Just eating all your heroes and uninstalling doesn’t actually help. They just find something to replace it. If people are quitting over actual addictions then they need to get the right help. Cold turkey rarely ever works.

But the burn the castle of the way out seems to be a symbolic thing?? Like “I’m done with you and I’m burning all of the bridges so we can never meet again”. And rarely is it done privately…it seems when someone does this they want some attention from doing it. It’s all rather destructive.

The core of this game is designed to sink barbs in, we all know this. But like any distraction you control how far down the rabbit hole you go. Those with no self-control…the compulsive will go all way to the bottom. But there’s a lot of fun in this game if you are able to stop yourself descending into madness.

Some of the stories of people dropping thousands to get a hero…they need help, not heroes.

I’ve radically reduced my spending lately…not out of protest but because I don’t need anymore heroes. I’ve more 5* than I’ll ever need. But I freely admit I spent to get them.

Burning them all won’t be needed. When I’m done with this I’ll be done. I put over 1400 hrs into Civ 4…then when I was suitably bored I found something new. Same will happen with this one day I’m sure


That was kind of my thought as well. An alcoholic can pour all of their liquor down the drain, but can they stop themselves from buying another bottle the next time they’re at the store? If they do, they just basically poured a bunch of money down the drain for nothing.

I’ve put thousands of hours into a few of my games. Do I eventually put them down? Yes. But then I pick them up again later. I don’t get rid of them.

And even though I sometimes do “start over” in those games… the difference is that I can play those games for a week or two and get back to the same level I was at before.

Try deleting your E&P account after two years and starting over with a new one. LOL… ohhhh yeah it’s probably going to take you like a year at least to get back up to where you were before.

That… is the major difference to me.

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Seriously, lady, stop harassing me. There are a million other threads you can reply to.

TGW i still enjoy spending (Played for 15 months) and still get great heros (last 3: Khiona, Norns and Joon). I still enjoy the game and i still don’t understand why you do the same question over and over again, just slightly differently worded. Well, doesn’t bother the mods, so have fun.

No, once again, for the millionth time now, you STILL DO NOT UNDERSTAND at all what I’m saying.

I have told you repeatedly to stop replying to me and my posts.

In fact. You are off topic. This post was about why people quit the game and delete their heroes. Not about why people continue to play.

And you are also harassing me.



Post your opinions elsewhere. Please and thank you.

Mods please close this thread now.

It has ceased to be a civil discussion.

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Krish1, the odds are clearly displayed. I got 33 5* heroes in 15 months and spend about 100 dollars a months. Considering how much the game offers and how much time I invest here, seems fair to me. Maybe just wait till you have enough coins for a 10 pull rather than summoning singles. Nothing is guaranteed though.

I stopped playing a little over a month ago. I just quit. I didn’t feed off heroes and I didn’t delete the app. I did move the app to a folder on my phone where I don’t see the icon. I reached a point where the game just stopped being fun. The mouse on a wheel scenario of chasing heroes and building them just lost its appeal. The only aspect of the game I enjoyed was raiding and it really had no purpose.


This is the kind of discussion I was looking for here. Unfortunately the conversation has been sabotaged. But have a like from me. And thank you for your input. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Lol, i am harassing you by politely replying to your endless posts - about once a month? Probably less. I suggest you talk to a mod about feeling harassed by me. From my perspective, you are constantly posting essentially the same question, but can’t accept even the slightest bit of sarcasm. I think you have a problem and it’s not me.

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